Israel Resettled: Jeremiah

    ISRAEL RESETTLED    Your correspondent: Jeremiah, son of Hilliah.                     [Dictionary: jeremiah – Noun.  A doleful prophet or denouncer.]

THOUSANDS GATHER.  Large numbers of people from all walks of life are streaming into Israel, Jer 30:3, Jer 25:30-31 devastated by the recent massive sunstrike. Isaiah 39:26, Jer 30:10-11, Jer 3:14, Jer 6:12, Jer 32:41-42, Jer 33:14.

PEOPLE LEAVE JOBS AND HOMES.  After these traumatic times, Jer 30:7, many people are selling their possessions and emigrating to the now almost deserted land of Israel.  Jer 10:17, Jer 50:6-8, Jer 31:21, Jer 51:50. Disabled people and young families are coming. Jer 31:8-9

TRANSPORT ORGANISED. All those wanting to emigrate to the Mid East, to countries previously called Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, parts of Egypt and Arabia, have been given places on the ships and aircraft provided by USA and the UK governments. Jer 30:10, Jer 32:37, Jer 16:15-17, Psalm 107.

CHRISTIAN PEOPLE CALL FOR REPENTANCE. As a call goes out to all who wish to travel to New Israel, Christian pastors and leaders are calling for their peoples repentance and Gods forgiveness. Jer 2:26, Jer 3:1, Jer 3:12-13, Jer 3:21, Jer 3:25, Jer 14:8-9, Jer 23:3, Jer 31:1-3, Jer 33:8, Jer 46:27-28, Jer 50:20.

JEWS WORLDWIDE DECLARE A WEEK OF MOURNING. One year after the terrible loss of life in Israel, Jer 21:14, Jer 13:9, Jer 5:1-6, Jer 10:18, the Jewish Council has called on Jews through the world to join with the remnant left in Jerusalem, to call on Y’hovah and repent of their failing to acknowledge the Lord Jesus. Jer 3:10-11, Jer 8:3-13,  Jer 12:16.

A NEW ALLIANCE.  Jews and Christians have at last come to an agreement on Biblical issues that previously seemed insurmountable. Jer 3:18, Jer 33:6, Jer 50:4-5.

AMAZING RECOVERY. The Mid East lands, recently devastated, Jer 2:14, Jer 9:25-25, Jer 4:26, Jer 4:34, Jer 12:12, are showing amazing regeneration. From Syria to the Sinai, heavy rains have fallen and vegetation, trees, etc. are growing in areas that were previously desert.  Jer 4:2, Jer 14:22. Isaiah 35:1-10, Ezeiel 34:11-16 & 26-27

A LEADER TO BE APPOINTED. Those peoples who are gathering and settling in the Mid East lands, have selected a council, who will announce their leader next week. Jer 23:4-5, Jer 30:21. The main candidate is a woman. Jer 31:22

CONSTRUCTION BOOM A huge reconstruction program is underway in Israel and the surrounding areas. Jer 31:4, Jer 33:9-10, Jer 31:24-25, Jer 30:18.

JOYFUL CELEBRATIONS HELD.  The people now streaming into New Israel, have organised celebrations to mark their redemption and the Lords favour. Jer 31:7, Jer 33:9-10.

HUGE REPLANTING EFFORT. Teams go out 6 days a week to replant fruit trees and grape vines. Large areas of pasture land are set aside for sheep and cattle. Jer 31:5, Jer 31:28, Jer 33:12-13.

Jeremiah 29:11-14 For I know the plans I have for you, to prosper and build you up……..

Lamentations 3:25-33 The Lord is good to those who look to Him, it is good to wait in patience for deliverance by the Lord. Repent, for there is yet hope, God will have compassion – He does not willingly afflict or punish any mortal. 

Reference: REB, some verses abridged.