Israel as God’s Chosen Nation

Israel is God’s righteous nation:

Romans 11:25-26…when all the Gentile believers are come in..…the Deliverer will come and so all Israel shall be saved.

But remember Romans 9:6-8…not all of ethnic Israel are truly the Israel of God…it is the children born from the Promise, [Jesus: His Christian believers.]  who are reckoned as Abrahams descendants. 

Galatians 4:28 Now you, my friends, like Isaac; are children of God’s Promise.

It follows that the ‘all of Israel’ must include those Christian believers who are grafted in, Romans 11:17, who are the true circumcision, the ‘real Jews’; Romans 2:29  People from every race; nation and language, including Jews, all bought by the blood of Jesus. Revelation 5:9-10

We know that God did choose ethnic Israel to be His people and Jesus came to continue God’s Promises to the Patriarchs, Romans 15:8  He came to save the lost sheep of Israel.

But the Jews rejected and killed Him, as the parable of the vineyard relates. Matthew 21:33-41  Now it is the Gentiles who `glorify God for His mercy, Romans 15:9-13

The ethnic Israelites have lost their vantage ground because of this rejection and todays Jewish people, in the main, continue in this sin and they stand level with the rest of fallen humanity. The Cross has broken down the wall of separation between Israel and all other peoples, it has levelled all distinctions. Ephesians 2:14-18

How can it be when there is now; no special people, that in the last days, God could forgive the Jews their centuries of disbelief and now in the State of Israel, their prideful atheism, false religions and LGBT sins? 

Simply put: If God was to fulfil the promises He made to ancient Israel, to the current Jewish State of Israel, it would be entirely inconsistent with the truths of the New Testament and a denial of Jesus’ Words in John 3:16.