Isaiah Reveals what is to be

Ecclesiasticus 48:24-25   Isaiah reveals what is to be; secrets of things to come.

These Bible verses are from Isaiah chapters 21 and 22. Some are abridged and my comment is after each verse.  Bibles used – KJV, NIV, REB.

Modern place names from Strong’s Concordance;  Elam, Media = Iran. Aram = Syria. Kir = Refers to the Arabs.  Judah = the Jews, at present inhabitants of Israel.

Isaiah 21:1  A whirlwind sweeps through the Negev, from the wilderness, a land of terror.  [A CME sunstrike hits the Middle East region, with devastating consequences.  Ezekiel 20:47-48 – the Sixth Seal event. ]

Isaiah 21:2  In my vision, I see a traitor betrayed. Advance Elam, up Media, to the siege. [Perhaps an Israeli traitor gives secret information to Iran. The Iranian leadership prepare for their attack]

Isaiah 21:3-4 I am in pain, trembling in fear.  Night has become a horror to me.

Isaiah 21:5  The princes and leaders sit down to a banquet. Rise and polish your shields.  [You are unprepared, life as normal. Get up! Prepare for war! ]

Isaiah21:6-7 Go, post a lookout. If he sees columns of horsemen, donkeys and camels advancing, he must be fully alert.            [Keep watch- if your enemies combine, that is, form alliances, then look out!  Psalms 83:1-8]

Isaiah 21:8-10 Day and night, I watch – they come – a voice calls: ”fallen is Babylon, her Gods are shattered.”  

O My people, crushed on the threshing floor. From the God of Israel, I have told you.  [The House of Judah, judged and punished as decreed by God.]

Isaiah 22:1 Tell me, what is amiss with you? Why have you climbed up onto the roof?  Why do you worry run out of your houses? 

Isaiah 22:2 Your city is in an uproar, your slain did not fall by the sword in battle.  [Everyone is terrified. Those killed were by the heat flash and fires.]

Isaiah 22:3 All your commanders have fled, bravest soldiers gone in all directions.  [The army has deserted ]

Isaiah 22:4 That is why I said, leave Me to weep in misery. Do not console Me for the ruin of My people.  [The House of Judah, in their judgement and punishment. Jeremiah 8:5-12, Isaiah 4:3-4]

Isaiah 22:5 For the Lord has ordained a day of tumult, a day of turmoil in the valleys and mountains. [The Day of the Lord’s vengeance against the Middle East is set]

Isaiah 22:6 Elam took up the quiver, the chariots of Aram were readied, Kir bared the shield.  [Iran and their allies attack. A quiver is an arrow holder. An arrow is USA military code for a nuclear weapon.]

Isaiah 22:7 Your fairest valleys were overrun by chariots, your cities beset by horsemen.  [Severe damage to all the Land]

Isaiah 22:8  The heart of Judah’s defence was laid open.  [Israel’s defence system destroyed]                                                                                                        

Isaiah 22:8-11  On that day…. [Desperate measures are taken to fight the fires.]

Isaiah 22:11  You did not look to the Maker of the city, or consider Him who fashioned it long ago.  [The Israelis refuse to acknowledge God’s Hand in their affairs or call for His help.]

Isaiah 22:12 On that day, the Lord called for weeping and mourning. [Judah should repent in sincerity and call on the Lord.]

Isaiah 22:13  Instead there was joy and merrymaking, feasting and dancing. You said ‘let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”

Isaiah 22:14 Here are words revealed by the Lord of Hosts – Assuredly your wickedness will never be wiped out, you will die for it.   Zephaniah 1:4-6 & 14-18, Jeremiah 10:18 & 13:19.