Iran’s Nuclear Mullahs


The Iranian mullahs either have or will very soon have nuclear weapons. This reality is horrifying in the context of the Iranian leadership’s fantasy of annihilating Israel.  The inspiration for this desire is the apocalyptic world vision of Islam and Islam’s aim to rule the world. This vision involves the Islamic Shi-ite belief in the return of the Hidden 12thImam, who is the awaited Mahdi of the Muslims. He is one of two eschatological figures in Islamic theology, the other being Jesus.

Al Mahdi means “the rightly guided one” and is portrayed as coming before the end times to make the entire world Muslim, led by a Caliph. Muhammad said that the Mahdi “will fill the earth with justice as it is now filled with oppression”.

This hidden Imam is, according to Islamic tradition, due to re-appear after a period in which the Muslims suffer great persecution and calamity.  It is within the realm of possibility that the Iranian leadership is thinking they can hasten the coming of the Imam Mahdi by bringing about an increase of what they would regard as oppression of the Muslims – ”oppression” that would in reality be Israel’s defensive response to an Iranian attack. The Shi-ite Muslims, especially, believe that for as long as the Mahdi remains hidden, the world will stay apostate. They are fixated on the end times and are on the constant lookout for signs of his return. This obsession shapes their life, culture and politics and as can be seen by their speeches, etc: their approach to world affairs.

The Jews are described in Islamic theology as worshippers of the “Dajjal”- the Muslim equivalent of Anti-Christ. The Mahdi will lead the Muslims to defeat the Dajjal and then kill every Jew. If a Jew seeks refuge under a stone or behind a tree, they will be able to speak to tell a Muslim, “There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! “

Not only are the Jews destroyed in the final war, but the Koran says they will serve as ransom for the Muslims in the fires of hell. The sins of the Muslims will weigh on them like mountains, but on the day of resurrection, these sins will be lifted and laid upon the Jews.

Anyone who says that there is no anti-Semitism in Islam is on a par with someone who claims that Islam is a ”religion of peace”.   Ref: S. Trifkovic.