Interpreting what the Bible tells us

Most Bible scholars say that the Bible should be understood literally, if possible. Differences arise when people allegorize passages or just think it all happened long ago. In a lot of prophecy there has been a partial fulfilment; the full and final event awaits completion, as we are told by Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:11. The common and incorrect seminary and Bible College teaching that says all the wrath of God, so comprehensively prophesied throughout the scriptures, has been abrogated and nullified by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus and this leads pastors today to preach only personal salvation. Any mention of a judgement and punishment of peoples and nations is taboo and likely to lose them their tenure. But Jesus Himself will instigate this punishment. Psalms 2:9, Luke 3:16-17

Because Bible prophecy is written ‘a little here, a little there’, Isaiah 28:9-10 and also a spirit of misunderstanding prevails among those who don’t make a serious attempt to understand the prophetic Word, Isaiah 6:9b-10, then the end time events will surprise most people. God’s Word has not been given to us so that no one can truly understand –  the prophets Daniel 12:10 and Amos 3:7, say that we can know God’s plan for our future.

Here are some examples of prophecies that can and will be fulfilled in the near future:

Ezekiel 6:7-10 As the dead fall around you, you will know that the Lord has carried out His judgement against His enemies. Jeremiah 9:22  But My people, living amongst the nations who survive My punishment will remember Me from their places of exile. Then I will remove their wayward hearts and wanton eyes that look to idols, then they will loath themselves for all the evil they have done and the abominations they have committed. Ezekiel 37:14 They will know that, I the Lord, was not issuing vain threats about a punishment to come. Deut. 32:34-43

Daniel 12:1 At the time of the end of the age, Michael will appear, that great Captain who guards your kinsmen. There will be a time of anguish such has never been known until that moment. Joel 2:1-11. But at that time, your people will be delivered, everyone whose name is entered into the Book of Life. Malachi 3:16

Hosea 14:4-9 I shall heal My peoples apostasy, I shall love them freely for My anger is turned away from them. They will flourish once again in My shadow and will grow vigorously in the holy Land. Ephraim, [the Western peoples] you will no longer look to any idols and I declare that I will shelter and prosper you.

            Who is wise? He will realize these things. Who is discerning? He will understand them. Jeremiah 9:12 The ways of the Lord are right and the righteous follow them, but the rebellious will stumble. James 1:21          Ref: REB, NIV.

The prophesied Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath by fire will happen, He has done it before with a flood, in Noah’s time. This time, it will be a terrifying and shocking event, a worldwide “time of anguish”, a terrible fire graphically described over 100 times throughout the Bible. Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1, etc. It will happen before the Return of Jesus in His glory, proved by how the Lord’s faithful Christian believers will “dwell in His shadow and under the Lord’s shelter”. This is the completion of the prophecies of how the Lord’s people will live in peace and security in the Holy Land and the fulfilment of His promises to the Patriarchs. Ezekiel 34:11-16...I will rescue My people scattered in the Day of cloud and darkness and bring them to their own country.