Interesting Times

                        It’s quite obvious to me, when I lived in the Middle East that some cataclysmic event will happen here in the near future. Sheer population pressure will dictate this, let alone the political agendas of all the parties involved.

However, as Bible believers, we know that God’s agenda will prevail.

The Palestinians have high expectations of getting their own state, as Israel is forced to give more and more concessions, but to them, control over all the land is their ultimate goal.  Soon, I believe, Iran, as the leader of Hezbollah and Hamas, will threaten nuclear attack on Israel.  As the Israeli nuclear facility is at Dimona in the Negev desert, this is their probable target. This will kill all those nearby and cause the rest of the land to be evacuated to allow the fulfilment of Eze.28v24-26 after Israel retaliates and destroys her enemies.

Jeremiah 12v14 … those evil neighbours encroaching on the Land allotted to My people, Israel; I shall uproot them.  But note that v14 continues … Also I will uproot Judah from among them.

So, here is where the ‘Joes’ – My people, the 10 tribed House of Israel, come in and settle the Land.

The rest of Jer 12v 15-17 says that the Jews must “learn the ways of My people “

That is, accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ, before any of them can join the House of Israel, thus fulfilling Eze 37v 15-23. From verse 24 to 28 will come after the Lord returns.

Then in Jer. 12v 18… the nation that will not listen, I will destroy.  Maybe fulfilling Obadiah 17 & 18 .. Jacob a fire….Joseph a flame…. House of Esau- no survivors.

But, before “My people, Israel” can return to the Land of Israel they must be cleansed and that will fulfil a lot of other prophecies.