In the book; Why me? by Jacob Damkani

In the book ‘Why me, by Jacob Damkani, he tells of his synagogue experience’s:

He was there one Sabbath when the Huftarah passage read aloud was Jeremiah 2:4-15…which an indictment against Israel.

He looked at the reader and thought that if it was actually Jeremiah saying: Is Israel a slave…..why have we become a prey to the nations? And he thought that if we Jews are truly the chosen of God, then we should have illuminated the whole world and all the peoples would have gathered to us for the true Word of God.

But if Jeremiah did proclaim these words of verse 8 in Israel today: Those who handle the Law know Me not…..he would bearrested and imprisoned! 

The reader, in his snow white prayer shawl, reverently kissed the scroll, left the platform and the people sang Shir Hukkavod and Adon Olam, as they completed their religious obligations for the week.

They took no cognisance of the message whatsoever, their worship is by rote and is merely for show and social reasons that most Jews  attend services.

As it is for a lot of Christians as well. Isaiah 58:1-5 ߚ’���