In the book; Israel of God

In the book; Israel and Bible Prophecy, Brian Godawa says: “To think that the physical descendants of the Patriarchs are still God’s chosen people after Jesus has come and fulfilled the Old Testament types and shadows, is to negate the New Covenant and return to the Old Covenant and to the Law”. Quote.

The teaching by Paul given in Romans 11:17-27, metaphorically depicts natural Israelites as an olive tree.

After Jesus came and was rejected from the people of this tree, the unbelieving Jews were cut off, Jeremiah 11:16, John 15:6, leaving only faithful, believing Jews: The true Israel, within all Israel.

From another ‘tree’; wild olive stock, Gentiles who believe, who have accepted Jesus by faith, are grafted into the same tree from which the Jesus rejecting Jews were removed and so, now together: they comprise a single ‘Tree of God’.

This isn’t a brand new tree, but the original one; having its ‘dead’ branches’ pruned and new, spiritually alive ones of people from every tribe of Israel and every other race, nation and language, put in their place.

We Christians now share in the Blessings of God’s promises to Israel, made in ancient times to that specific nation, but now only applying to those with faith in Jesus, the One ‘tree trunk’, in whom all the promises of God are and will be fulfilled.

2 Corinthians 1:20

Over and over again, the New Testament shows this development of how the church, of both Jew and Gentile believers, through being in Christ: takes on the identity of Spiritual Israel, the true Israelites of God.  Plainly stated in Galatians 6:16.

There are 18 specific identity markers that were applied to ancient Israel and that are now applied to Christians in the New Testament.

The Christian Church being the Israel of God is a continuation of the faithful remnant of ancient Israel. We Christians are the Overcomers for God, literally: His Israelite people. They are in every Church age. Revelation 2:7,11,17,26, & 3:5,12,23

Romans 3:29-30 Is God the God of just the Jews only? Isn’t He the God of the Gentiles also? Yes, of the Gentiles too, since God is One and He will justify the circumcised by their faith in Him AND the un-circumcised through faith.

As the evidence presented here and found in many other scriptures, is valid, then the opposing view of dispensationalism, with its Two people, Two Promises, must be invalid.   

Unfortunately, the 2P2P premise is an immutable tenet of the ‘rapture to heaven’  false theory, so the truth of who the real Israelites are, is fought against by all who want God to remove them from the earth before anything bad happens. 

This opposition to the truths of scripture, is something that may result in a loss of rewards, but not of Salvation, for them at the Judgement. 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 resul