I find it hard to credit

I find it hard to credit, that intelligent people are discussing scenarios of impossible things, as though they will actually take place.
Ideas like an instantaneous change into glorified bodies, before any trials and testing, let alone Judgment. A rapture to heaven of the Church is a fable that has consumed tons of paper and ink, still totally without any sure consensus of when it could happen.
All these issues have been argued, fought over even; for a hundred plus years. Doesn’t this make people question the validity of those beliefs?

But what is most concerning, is the fact that the Prophetic Word does plainly tell us what God actually has planned for His people and the world in these last few years of the Church age.
That people are unable to comprehend those prophesies, is told us by Jesus in Matthew 11:25 and 1 Corinthians 3:18-20, where those learned, so called wise theologians and Bible experts, cannot understand these truths. Also in Isaiah 29:9-12, we are told that people who choose to believe false theories will be blinded to the truth and 2 Thessalonians 2:11 says that God will place those with closed minds under a compelling delusion, which makes them believe what is false.
Then: 2 Thess 2:12 So that all who have not believed the truth, but made falsehood their choice, may be brought to Judgment.

Fellow Christians, my aim and desire is for all of you and as many as I can reach, to be presented with the scriptural Truth; the undeniable facts of prophecy and a common sense, logical sequence of what will happen in the near future to all of us.

It is a message of hope and God’s Promise of protection during a short time of difficulty, and then how He will mightily Bless His faithful people.