I did not Speak in Secret

Isaiah 45:19  I did not speak in secret ……..in realms of darkness. I did not say to Jacobs people; Look for Me in the formless waste. I, the Lord: declares what is right and just.

Isaiah 45:22-25 From every corner of the earth, turn to Me and be saved. For I am God, there is none other. I swear by My life that to Me, every knee will bow and every tongue will say; In God alone is victory and might. All who defy Him will stand ashamed in His presence. The descendants of Israel will be victorious and will glory in their God.

Isaiah 46:3-4 Listen to Me, house of Jacob, all who remain of the House of Israel; You have been a load upon Me from your birth. Till you grow old, I am the Lord, when white hair comes, I shall carry you still – I have made you and will uphold you, I shall carry you away to safety.

Isaiah 46:8-10 Remember this and abandon hope, all you rebels. I am the Lord, I will accomplish all I please.      From the beginning, I reveal the end, from ancient times, what is yet to be.

Isaiah 46:12-13 Listen to Me, you stubborn of heart, for whom victory is far off; I bring My victory near, it is not far off and will not be delayed. In Zion, I will grant deliverance for Israel, My glory.

His people, now every faithful Christian Israelite, still living in every corner of the earth, can seek and find God for their rescue and protection. Through Jesus, they will gain victory.

The Lord will uphold them and will plant them in a safe place. 2 Samuel 7:10  He promises protection for His people when they regather into Israel, one example of this is the destruction of Gog’s army.

This is not a ‘rapture ‘, firstly His people, righteous Israel will gather and settle in all of the land promised to their forefathers. Then, during the Tribulation, the Lord’s elect ones will be taken out of the way of the Anti Christ, to a far distant location on earth.

Take heed, all you people, the time for the Lord to act is near. In Zion, [Greater Israel] there will be deliverance for His people, they will display His glory. [before the Return of Jesus]       Ezekiel 39:27, Isaiah 43:10-13, 1 Peter 2:9.

Scripture does reveal to us “ what is yet to be” – it requires diligent study and careful discernment of the prophetic Word. Amos 3:7, 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6, Daniel 12:10.