Houses for His People

All the Land that was promised to Abraham will be cleared and cleansed after this next prophesied event, the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, the Judgement by fire.   Isaiah 66:15-16 Then, as Isaiah and Ezekiel prophesy; His people will be gathered and ‘passed under the rod’. [The rod of judgement and separation] The righteous then enter the Land, with great joy, singing praises to their Redeemer. Ezekiel 20:34-38, Isaiah 35:1-10

 Isaiah 6:11-12 I asked the Lord: How long? Until the Land and cities are desolate and deserted, their houses vacant. He will drive the people far away and all the country will be one vast desolation.

Isaiah 17:9 On the Day of retribution, cities will be deserted, like those of your enemies in ancient times.

When the Christian Israelites, the faithful people of God; Jews and Gentiles, enter the depopulated Land, there are amazing promises to them of how the Land will be fruitful and they will live in the houses left vacant. Christians from every tribe, race, nation and language are the true Israelites of God. Galatians 3:26-29, 6:16

Psalm 69:35 For You will deliver Zion and the cities will be rebuilt. The Lord’s people will settle there and possess it.   

Amos 9:14 I shall restore the fortunes of My people, they will rebuild their devastated cities and live in them, plant vineyards and enjoy prosperity in their Land.

Isaiah 54:2-3 Extend your boundaries, for you will spread in all directions and dispossess nations, then repopulate cities now desolate.

Ezekiel 36:10 & 33 I shall settle in the Land all the Israelite people. The towns will again be inhabited and the ruined places rebuilt.

Jeremiah 30:18 I shall restore the fortunes of Jacobs clans. Every city will be restored and houses again rebuilt.

Isaiah 58:12-14 Buildings in ruins will be restored and you will rebuild on ancient foundations. You will be called ‘the restorer of houses’.  Ref. REB.

2 Esdras 1:35-37 I shall hand over the homes of your enemies to a people yet to come, a people who will trust Me, though they have not known Me, who will obey My commandments, even though they never saw the prophets. Yet they will keep in mind what the prophets taught of old. I vow that these people will have My favour, they will perceive by the spirit and believe what I have said.

                                                                                             Ref: REB Apocrypha

After the terrible Day of the Lord’s wrath, a Day of fire and earthquakes, in a very short time, Isaiah 29:17, the Land will be regenerated and resettled. There is no mention of Jesus being present as yet, in fact they select their own leaders. Jeremiah 30:21, Hosea 1:11

They will rebuild the temple. [Zechariah 6:15] Later, it is them who greet the Returning Jesus with the shout ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!’