God’s Solution to the Middle East Crisis

Isaiah 42:13-15 Long have I restrained Myself, I kept silent and held Myself in check, but now I groan like a woman in labour. I will make a great noise and devastate the earth. I will go forth in fury, as a soldier in the heat of battle, I shall burn the trees and pastures and make the holy Land a desolate wasteland. Joel 1:15-18

Jeremiah 49:2-5 A time is coming says the Lord, when the cities of Jordan will hear the battle cry: Amman will become a desolate mound and all their towns will be burnt to ashes. Do not boast of your strength, for I will bring terror on you from all sides , you will be driven headlong.  Amos 1:13-15, Ezekiel 21:28-32

Jeremiah 49:17-18 The lands of Edom/Esau will become burnt and desolate, a destruction like that of Sodom will strike them. Isaiah 25:1-3, Amos 1:11-12

Jeremiah 49:23-27 In Syria, they have heard of the coming disaster, they run about in terror, pains like childbirth grip them. A fire will devour their cities and their military men will lie still in death on that Day. Amos 1:3-5

Isaiah 17:1 Damascus will cease to be a city, she will be reduced to a heap of ruins, forever desolated…. Amos 1:3-4

Jeremiah 49:34-37 I shall break the bow of Elam [Iran], I shall destroy the chief weapon of their might. I will scatter them to the four winds, My fierce anger and fiery wrath will make an end of them. Ezekiel 32:24-25

None of these plainly stated prophesies have happened yet. They will be literally fulfilled by:

Isaiah 13:6-8 Wail: for the Day of the Lord is at hand, a great devastation from the Almighty! Because of it, every hand will hang limp, courage will melt away. Fear and terror will come on people, agonizing pangs will grip them, like a woman in labour. Jeremiah 6:24, Ezekiel 7:17

Isaiah 30:30 Then the Lord will make His voice heard in majesty, His arm will descend in His fierce anger with devouring flames of fire amid cloudbursts and storm windsIsaiah 30:26atells usexactly what the Lord will use.

Jeremiah 9:22 Corpses will fall and lie like dung in the fields, no one will gather them.

Isaiah 37:26 Have you not heard? Long ago I planned it and now I bring it about. Your great cities have crashed into heaps of rubble.

For now; the best advice is:

Hebrews 10:25-27 Keep up your fellowship and encourage one another, as we see the Day of the Lord drawing near. For if we deliberately persist in sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, then there can be no further atonement and there remains only a terrifying expectation of the fierce fire that will consume God’s enemies. Ref: REB. Some verses abridged.

Surely, we CAN see that the great and terrible Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath against the nations is drawing near. His Judgement/punishment by fire; Psalms 11:4-6

Is there any other possible and workable solution between Israel and the Islamic peoples?  Populations keep increasing; resources keep diminishing, humans cannot resolve this situation, we need God to do it.

Look forward to the Day of the Lord’s wrath and pray to hasten it on…. 2 Peter 3:12