God’s Holy People in the Last Days

Daniel 8:23-26 In the last days, when sin is most prevalent, a powerful leader will arise. He will succeed in whatever he does, and will take control of the mighty nations and God’s holy people. By cunning and deceit, his plans will come about and cause great harm to many when they least expect it. He will challenge even the Prince of Princes, but then will be broken, but not by human hand.

This prophecy tells of events to happen in the distant future.

Daniel 7:23-25 The explanation given is: There will be a 4th kingdom, one that will encompass the whole earth. Initially ten rulers will govern it, but another leader will take over all this kingdom. He will defy the Most High God and will conquer the holy ones of God.

Isaiah 62:12 They will be called the holy people; the Redeemed of the Lord….

Revelation 13:7 The ‘beast’ is allowed to wage war on God’s people and to defeat them…. Zechariah 14:1-2

Daniel 11:32 By plausible promises he will win over those who will violate the Covenant, but some will resolutely keep their faith.

These Bible prophesies are proof that God’s holy people, His chosen elect people; all those true born again believers; the One people of God, Ephesians 4:4-6, are not removed from the earth, as some would think, but are present in the holy Land during the last few years of this age.

As we see in Daniel 11:32 and in Zechariah 14:2, they divide into two groups, one remaining in the holy Land and the other goes away.  Revelation 12:6-17 again shows these two groups; the faithful ones who refused the peace treaty with the leader of the World Govt, taken to a place of safety and those who did agree, Isaiah 28:14-15, must remain. Revelation 12:17

The fact of all the righteous Christians living in all of the Holy Land, before the Return of Jesus, is well prophesied in all of the Bible. Many do not see it because of false teachings and not comprehending the truth of how Christians are now to be the recipient’s of the promises of God, given initially to ethnic Israel, but now available to all true believers.  

We Christians look forward to being at last the people God has always wanted in His holy Land.

That is our promise and our great privilege; to be alive to participate at this critical time of mankind’s history.                        

What I pray all will do, is see the real truth of what actually will happen.

Do you realize what a joke the rapture to heaven theory is? And Satan is delighted at how Christians argue over whether it going to be pre, mid or post!!!!!!!

 For all of our lifetimes, this issue has been discussed, argued over, even fought over. Innumerable books, movies, etc made about it and still no consensus about when it could happen. There is no Bible verse that says God will take living people to heaven, but those who promote a rapture say; It is there, you just can’t see it!  Sorry, I can’t see it because it isn’t there!

There is a huge deception going on here. People have believed false teachers, Paul said they would. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

And God has allowed those wolves to ravage His flock. So most of the Church is not aware of what God really does plan for our future. They are complacent and careless, which means when the hard times come, they won’t have the strength of faith to stand firm. Luke 21:34-36 [and don’t think [I]escape all these things[/I], means a rapture, because that idea is pure assumption and conflicts with its context and the scriptures as above.]