God’s Glory Shared with Humanity

   If the God of the Christian faith is true, it means that there is not a random process behind the order and beauty of the universe. It means, that at the highest level there is not indifference to the human condition. There is actually the intelligent mind of a Creator, who is the source of all life and cares for what He has made. In His Word, given to us, we are told that we are made in His image and each human has a special destiny. We are the creations of God, but through choosing to live independently, in self sufficiently and rebellion against Him, we are separated from His ultimate plan for humankind. Thank God, because He is a God of mercy, He has opened a door to forgiveness and reconciliation and a renewal of life through the life and death of Jesus, the Messiah.  This means that we can, in spite of living in a fallen world, still reflect something of God’s character. This is true human greatness, or heroism. One does not need to be a Mother Teresa or an evangelist. Heroism is compatible with an ordinary life, lived well. If the Creator Himself is mindful of us, then our goal is that He will eventually say of our life- “Well done, you good and faithful servant”. The meaning of life is found in our relationship to this omnipotent God.

Psalms 8:5-6 Yet, You have made them a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honour. You have given them dominion over the works of Your hands, you have put all things under their feet.

The idea of dominion implies a free agency to mankind. That is, we are actors, not robots in this cosmic production. The mindfulness of a personal and absolute God and the task of dominion is the starting point for our heroism. As we look at this task, we are brought back to its core, which is imaging the character of God. We must reflect the values of our Creator, having been made ‘a little lower than Him’. Jesus Christ was the perfect example for us, so that we can learn what glory and honour means in our world. The virtues that He displayed are good for us, as they reflect the character of the God who created us to do them.

Sin is not only violating moral rules. It is described by Paul- Rom 3:23; as falling short of the glory of God. For example, Ahab was King in Israel and to satisfy his greed and his wife, he murdered one of his subjects and took over his land. Elijah met him there and told him; You have sold yourself to do what is evil in the sight of the Lord.  He had broken God’s laws, and in so doing, he violated the character and glory of God, by making himself into a misshapen image of his Creator. Therefore he had ‘sold himself’.

The Bible is largely a story of God dealing with the human race. The story takes us from Creation and Fall, through the dramas of Israel, to the incarnation of Christ- His life, death and resurrection. God’s Spirit came to build the Church and spread the Gospel of the redemption of His people. Eventually, Christ will Return, this time as a King.

We are part of that story. By the way we live, we can help or hinder the work of bringing the world back to that righteous state that God intended.

Each person has the opportunity to play a unique part in this cosmic drama, and it is written that we “shall stand before Him” – to survive that examination, to please our Creator, that is true heroism and glory.               Ref: True Heroism, by D. Keyes a