God Speaks to the End Times

Quotes from Book 4, by Anthony Eddy, with relevant Bible verses:

Page 2…the horrors they are about to face.                                Revelation 6:12-17

          ….My complacent people.                                                   Isaiah 58:1-5

P3 …..Let the wise prepare.                                                         Isaiah 26:20-21

    …..for there are those with eyes that cannot see                   Deut 29:4

        and ears that cannot hear.                                                  Isaiah 29:9-12

P4…the Bride of Christ is about to meet the test of prophecy   Luke 21:34-35

P11…My sheep of the New Covenant are called to a new beginning, Jer 31:30-34

       be prepared.                                                                           Ezekiel 34:11-31

P12/13…End time requirement.                                                      Acts 2:21

P14…My people will be survivors of the disasters to come            Isaiah 43:2

P17…the end times sets the stage for the Appearance.                Book of Revelation

P24…A season of death and destruction falls on the unprepared, Isaiah 66:15-17

        onto the saints according to their understanding.                 2 Thess 5:1-6

P38…the end time events will come as a surprise.                          Luke 21:34-35

P39…it precludes the counting or burial of all the dead.                Jer 25:33

P39…God’s Sword cuts and thrusts, fulfilling the prophesies.       Deut 32:40-43

P65…the end time visions of My people are not common,               Jer 6:10

        only those selected for the message.                                     Micah 3:1

P70…the Veil is soon to be removed for end time revelations.       Hab 2:3

P77….Soon fertility will come to barren lands.                               Isaiah 35:1-10

P90…the end time wrath of God will change the earth.                  Isaiah 13:9-13

P92…My servants prepare to go into the holy Land,                       Hosea 2:14-23

         the Land of Blessing.                                                             Jer 33:6-14

P94…the Lord will speak directly to His people.                             2 Thess 1:10

P96…the dry bones will become aflame with the Spirit fire.          Ezekiel 37:1-14

P114…The garden Land                                                                    Joel 2:21-24

P150…Those destined to guide and counsel man with wisdom.        Jer 3:15, Jer 30:21

This sequence gives the picture of God’s Plan for the near future.

Firstly there will be a worldwide disaster, that will mostly affect the Middle East region, virtually depopulating that entire area.

The holy Land will then be quickly regenerated, as the Lord sends rain.

All the righteous believers of God and who have accepted the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, will be motivated to travel by the means provided, to the holy Land. They will receive God’s Spirit and His Blessing, as they live there in peace and prosperity.

At least 7 years plus must pass, as the many other prophesies come to pass, then Jesus will Return in His glory to reign over the world for 1000 years.