God of Israel; give us Strength

   God of Israel – give power and strength to Your people     Psalm 68:1-35

1-4 May God arise and His enemies be scattered. You disperse them like smoke. The wicked perish at the presence of God, but the righteous are joyful.

Sing the praises of God, extol Him who reigns in Heaven.

5-6 He is a father to the fatherless and friendless. He leads the prisoners to safety, but the rebels remain in the desert.

7-10 God of Israel, You lead Your people through the desert, then rain poured from the heavens, plenteous rain to restore Your Land. There Your people settled, in Your goodness, You provide for the poor.

11-12 The Lord speaks the word and great is the company of women who proclaim it.

Kings and armies flee in haste, while their spoil is divided among Your people.

15-16 The mountains of Bashan [Golan/Syria] gaze in envy at the mountain where the Lord will dwell forever.

17-18 There were thousands of chariots when the Lord came from Sinai to His sanctuary. When You came to Your dwelling place, You brought the captives and received tribute.

19-23 The Lord our saviour bears our burdens, only through Him can we escape death.

Surely God will smite those proud sinners. The Lord says; I will bring My enemies from Bashan and the depths of the sea. Their blood will pour out.

24-27 Your procession came into view, into the Sanctuary – singers, then musicians. Praise God in the great congregation, the assembly of Israel. There is Benjamin in the lead, then Judah, Zebulon and Naphatli.

28-31 God, set Your might to work, for Your honour rebuke those wild beasts of nations who delight in war. Egypt and Cush will submit to God.

32-35 Give praise to God all you peoples of the world. Awesome is God in His sanctuary. He is Israel’s God and He gives power and strength to His people.

Reference; Revised English Bible, verses abridged.

Some parts of this prophecy have been partially fulfilled, but most remain for completion at the end times.

This Psalm tells the story of God’s judgement on His enemies how the Land is restored and His people, every faithful Christian; the Israelites of God, are settled permanently there.

Points to note are;

Verse 2 – God will destroy His enemies “like smoke and melt like wax”

Verse 6 – He leads His people to safety while the rebels remain in the desert. This did happen at the Exodus, but Ezekiel 20:34-36 describes another Exodus

Verse 8-9 Heavy rain to restore the Land. Did not happen at the 1st Exodus, but will be necessary at the next, in order to regenerate the Land.

Verse 10 Your people: Christian Israel, settled and provided for in the Promised Land.

Verse 11 The REB says it is the women who proclaim the good news.

Verse 17 Thousands of chariots? This will be all the vehicles left in the Mid East after the Lords Day of vengeance.

Verse 19-20 Only by believing and trusting in the Lord, can we be saved.

Verse 24-27 All the Lord’s holy people praise the Lord in a great congregation.