Go My People, Withdraw for a While

      Go, My people, withdraw for a little while…..

Isaiah 26:20-21…..until the Lords wrath has passed. The Lord is coming to punish the wicked and apostate peoples of the earth.

Isaiah 27:1 On that Day, the Lord will punish with His powerful sword Leviathan, that twisting serpent.

Isaiah 27:2-5 On that day, sing of the fruitful vineyard – I the Lord am it’s keeper. I tend it constantly, but I get no fruit from it. If only it were briars and thorns, then I would not hesitate to destroy it. But if they [Israelites, now every Christian person] come to Me for refuge, I will let them make peace with Me.

Isaiah 27:6 In time to come, Jacobs posterity will prosper and Israel will flourish. They will fill the whole earth with fruit.  Matthew 21:43

Isaiah27:7-9 Has the Lord struck Israel, as He has killed their enemies? The atonement for Jacob’s guilt is made by their sojourn in exile. All the idol worshipping altars and sacred poles are destroyed.

Isaiah 27:10 The fortified settlement is abandoned. Animals graze there and the trees are dead, good only for firewood.

Isaiah 27:11 For this is a people without understanding, so their Maker will not show them favour.

Isaiah 27:12 In that day, the Lord will thresh the grain from the Euphrates to the Wadi of Egypt and you, Israelites will be gathered one by one. On that Day, a great trumpet will sound and those who were exiled in Assyria and Egypt will come to worship the Lord in Jerusalem.

Ref: REB, NIV some verses abridged

V 20-21 All righteous people, faithful Christians who love the Lord, need to prepare for a time, soon after the Lords Day of vengeance, when the Call comes to gather into the Promised Land. Isa 11:11

V 1 The Lords Day of wrath and vengeance against His enemies, who are led by Satan allegorised as a serpent. Isa 30:27-28

V 2-5 The Lord’s vineyard: Israel. If they acknowledge and trust God, He will save them.

V 6 Israel, that is: all the 12 tribes, plus those grafted in who are judged righteous and settled into the Land, will be the Light to the nations.  Isaiah 60:3

V 7-9 The sins of the forefathers are expiated by the exile.  Isa 10:27

V 10 The Land, cleared and swept clean after the Day of vengeance. The trees are killed because of the fire judgement, a CME sunstrike.       Joel 1:15-20, Isaiah 32:12-14

V 11 This refers to the current inhabitants of the Land.  Jeremiah 12:14

V 12 On that day, all the area of Greater Israel will be judged. A remnant will be saved. But then the surviving exiles from Assyria [the 10 Northern tribes] and Egypt [Judah] will regather in the Land, along with every faithful Christian from every race, nation and language.  Isaiah 66:18b-21, Zechariah 9:14-17