Global Warming

    GLOBAL  WARMING? –  I don’t think so!                

I am sure that there must be some sort of human influence on our climate, given the changes we have wrought on the natural environment.

It’s very hard to establish how much, if any, this has on normal cycles.

I don’t know whether getting warmer is good or bad overall, though I rather like the world that I know.

Sensible measures to mitigate the possible effects seem to be justified; however some schemes involving huge costs and disruption to our way of life cannot be justified.

Some facts – CO2 emissions caused by human activity is 3.4% of the total amount per year produced from all sources. Of this 3.4%, only half – 1.7% actually goes into the atmosphere.

CO2 levels in the atmosphere – was 280ppm before 1800

                                                  now 385ppm  =  .038% of air.

                                                  Prehistoric levels were as high as 7000ppm

For increased growth in greenhouses CO2 is kept at 700 to 800ppm.

Water vapour  is 4% of the atmosphere and is directly responsible for 90 to 95% of the greenhouse effect.

Previous climate changes  There was a Medieval warm period from 550AD to 1300AD. The average temperature rose between .75o to 1.5o c.  Then from 1600 to 1850AD, a little ice age caused devastating effects.  In 1685, the English Channel froze over.

Solar activity   Solar Cycle 24 peak in 2014/2015, and currently there is low sunspot activity and a reduced magnetic field.

Costs and benefits   1 ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is estimated to cause $7 worth of negative effects.  In the E.U. – every euro spent gives 3 cents of benefits and by 2100 at the total cost of billions, may reduce the warming by .05o

Lies and misreporting  Temperature readings taken at airports and city locations give misleading results, due to the Urban Heat Island Effect. ( U.H.I.E.) 

Sinking Islands?  It has been proven that the coral islands supposedly affected by “rising sea levels “ are actually sinking because the coral they consist of is dying off.

Two main reasons for this – the conch shells that eat the starfish, that eat the coral, have been taken by collectors. And disastrous fishing methods – cyanide and dynamite.

Shrinking glaciers.  World Glacier Monitoring Service records show an extensive loss of ice in glaciers and polar caps, up to 2007.  Records for the last 3 years are harder to find, as the fact is that many glaciers are now advancing. They are now generally at their normal size. Polar ice caps also have regained ice mass, but the media only headline the odd large iceberg that breaks off, as they always have done.

Global warming – now Climate change   As the Northern winter of 2008-9 was one of the coldest  on record, those political entities pushing this agenda – for whatever reason – found themselves looking a bit silly, so had to foist a new name for the “problem “on the gullible public. References – Aircon by Ian Wishart , Richard Tol