Excerpts from ‘Solar Flare’

 Excerpts from a novel –   Solar Flare,  by Larry Burkett.   Published 1995

The solar winds striking earth carried billions of tons of supercharged electrical particles. The sheer mass of this flare ripped through the magnetic shield that normally protected Earth, bending and displacing the magnetosphere until it collapsed.

At ground level where the force field was more protective, the consequences of this flare were delayed but not avoided. The first to go were the power grids. As the charged particles hit the power lines, the surge of electricity tripped the breakers off line. Inside the power stations themselves, operators worked frantically to get the grids back on line, but their electronic monitors flashed and burnt as the massive overload destroyed all electronic devices in its path.

Perhaps the flare in 1872 was of a similar magnitude, but then there was not anywhere the same amount of electrical equipment around. This time, generators burned out, transformers exploded, radio and television station transmitters flashed and burned. Domestic appliances, anything plugged into the supply grid, were destroyed with a smell of acrid smoke. Vehicle electronics were disabled, making most modern cars useless.

The scene from space would have appeared like a planet dying, as the lights flashed then went out, across the world, as the earth rotated to face the sun.

The city was in ruins. It was like a scene from Beirut in the seventies. Torched and abandoned vehicles were still smoking. Many buildings were burned out, and shops smashed and looted. Armed individuals and groups roamed the streets, making it very difficult for those holed up in their homes to escape to the countryside.

It was a unique event in history. Man had transformed the planet into an industrialized society, with modern communications, transport and conveniences and now, in a span of little more than a week, all that was just history. Electricity, perhaps mans greatest tool, was destroyed on planet earth and along with it mankind’s modern way of life.

It is prophesied that the Lord will use this means of judgement to destroy His enemies and to bring mankind to a place where everyone must recognize His omnipotence, although not all will give Him due reverence. His enemies, will be that alliance of nations and entities, who – at the moment of their attack against Israel – will be mostly wiped out by this Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath – His Judgement by fire from the sun.

Prophecies describing a Coronal Mass Ejection – Isaiah 30:26-30, Isaiah 66:15-17, Hebrews 10:27, Isaiah 29:5-6, Malachi 4:1, Deuteronomy 32:41-43, Psalms 50:1-6, Psalms 144:5-6.

Prophecies against the attacking nations – Note in Psalm 144:7-8 Rescue me from the power of aliens, whose every word is worthless, every oath is false. The Islamic code of Al Takayya, means they can use any means of deceit against non Muslims.      Psalms 83, Zechariah 12:1-9, Isaiah 33:10-12,     Zephaniah 2:4-7…..at midday, Gaza will be destroyed. Plus 100 more.

But the Lord’s righteous people have these promises –

Isaiah 30:26…on that Day, I shall save My people.

  Ezekiel 28:25-26 When I execute Judgement on all of Israel’s scornful neighbours, then My    people, all the Israelites, gathered from the nations, will live in the Land, undisturbed.

Isaiah 63:4 I resolved on a Day of vengeance; the year for redeeming My own had come.

Isaiah 52:6-12 On that Day, My people will know My Name….Go out, leave Babylon, keep yourselves pure, the Lord will guard and guide you. [ into the holy Land, Isaiah 35:1-10]