Enemies Occupy the Holy Land

Isaiah 66:5-6 Hear the Word of the Lord, you who revere His Name and keep His commandments. Those scoffers who say: Where is Jesus? When will your so-called God do anything? They will be shocked, for with a great noise His retribution will fall upon them. 2 Peter 3:3-10

Isaiah 63:18 Why have ungodly people trespassed on Your holy place?  Why do enemies trample the holy Land?  Psalm 37:10-11, Jeremiah 6:12

Jeremiah 12:8-17 Is this Land of Mine a hyena’s lair? The birds of prey and the wild beasts have taken My holy Land over, they ravage it and trample it down, making it a desolation, to My sorrow. The Lord says: I shall uproot all those evil neighbours who have encroached onto the Land that I allotted to My people. Judah too, I shall uproot, but if any of them learn the right ways of My people, then they can join and live again in the holy Land. My sword of punishment will devour the Land from end to end, no living thing will remain there. Ezekiel 21:1-7, Isaiah 6:11-13

Psalms 7:12-16 The enemy prepares his weapons again, but it is against himself that he has made ready his deadly shafts, tipped with fire. They are all in collusion with iniquity and sinfulness, their plans for violence and terror will fall upon their own heads.

Psalms 68:1-3 May God arise and His enemies be scattered. He will disperse them like smoke. His fire will melt them like wax and they will perish in the heat of His wrath, but the righteous will be joyful, as they exult in the triumph of their God.

Isaiah 29:5-6 Suddenly, all in an instant, punishment will come from God Almighty with thunder, earthquakes and a great noise, with storm tempest and flames of devouring fire. The horde of your enemies will crumble into dust, that multitude of ruthless foes will scatter like chaff.        Zephaniah 3:8, Isaiah 66:15-16, Rev. 6:12-17

Micah 5:7-15 All the remnant of the descendants of Jacob, now dispersed among the nations, will become like dew from the Lord, they will look only to Him who saves them. Their enemy’s will be destroyed, but on that Day their military power will be lost, all the occult followers will die and any things of idol worship will be gone. Amos 9:10 In anger and fury the Lord will wreak vengeance on all the peoples who disobey Him.  Isaiah 66:15-17

Zechariah 8:11-13 The Lord says: I do not feel the same now toward the remnant of My people, as I did in former days. Hosea 11:8-11 Now I shall save you and bless you, you will work the Land in safety, the sky will give rain and the soil will yield abundant produce. Ezekiel 36:8, Joel 2:23-27, Amos 9:13-15, Jer. 30:18-22   Ref: REB abridged and paraphrased.

Birds of prey and wild beasts have taken over My Land… and the evil neighbours…  These are  metaphors for the ungodly peoples who are now living in the holy Land.

The enemies deadly shafts, tipped with fire – an ancient description for a modern weapon: a nuke tipped missile. It is against themselves they have prepared their weapons and they will fall onto their own heads. All the weapons ready to fire at Israel will explode on the launch pad or in their bunkers.  Suddenly, in an instant, punishment will come in the heat of the Lord’s wrath, causing earthquakes with flames of fire that will burn His enemies to ashes. As described here and throughout the Bible, this will be a huge coronal mass ejection sunstrike that will fulfill all the graphic prophecies about the Lord’s judgement by fire.  Isaiah 30:25-28, Malachi 4:1 & 3

But the punishment by exile of Israel and Judah will be completed and the Lord will save and bless them. They will go back to their inheritance, all that area promised to Abraham, cleansed from end to end by this terrible devastation by fire. Many prophecies tell about the great second Exodus of righteous Israel to the holy Land, where they will work the Land in safety, being a light to the nations, all as originally meant for them. They will send out 144,000 missionaries to tell the world the gospel of the coming Kingdom of Jesus.