Enemies become as ashes under your feet

      Enemies become as Dust, as Ashes under your feet     Malachi 4:1 & 3

Isaiah 29:1-24 Woe to you Ariel! Ariel, the city where David settled. Add year to year and carry out your festivals. Yet, I shall reduce Ariel to dire straits. There will be suffering and sorrow, when I make her My fire altar.

Ariel – sounds like the Hebrew word for ‘fire altar’. Referring to Jerusalem and all the holy Land. Ezekiel 20:46-48, Isaiah 22:1-14

I shall encircle you with My army and besiege you. You will be brought low, you will hide underground, your voice will whisper out of the earth. Zechariah 13:8-9

Like an ‘army’: like a mighty horde, that burns and devours all before it.  Joel 1:15 & 19. The survivors in Jerusalem will hide in underground bunkers. Isaiah 37:31-32

But, your enemies will become like dust, those ruthless hordes, like blown chaff. Suddenly, in an instant, punishment will come from the Lord Almighty, with earthquakes, thunder, storms and devouring fire. All the nations warring against Mt Zion, will fade as a dream, like one who is hungry or thirsty; then wakes to find himself empty, so it will be with all those nations attacking Israel. Ezekiel 30:1-5

The fire judgement on the Middle East, ‘in an instant’, a CME sunstrike, that will fulfil all the prophesies about it. Psalms 83:13-18, Isaiah 34:5, Isaiah 30:1-5 & 26, Ezekiel 20:45-48, Zephaniah 2:4 & 12, Malachi 4:1 This is quite a different scenario to the Battle of Armageddon, to happen years later, when Jesus Returns.

If you confuse yourself, you will stay confused; if you blind yourself, you will stay blinded. Be drunk and stagger, but not from strong drink, for the Lord has poured on you a spirit of deep stupor, He has closed your eyes (that is the prophets) and covered your heads (the seers)  People have believed false teachings. Therefore the Lord has made it very difficult for them to come to a true understanding of what will happen.

For you the whole vision is nothing but words in a sealed book. If you hand the book to one who can read, he will answer: I cannot, it is sealed.  Matthew 13:11-15, Matthew 11:25

The Lord says: Because this people worship Me with empty words, while their hearts are far from Me and their religion is but human precept, learnt by rote, therefore I shall shock them yet again, their wisdom and intelligence will vanish.  1 Timothy 1:7, Deut. 29:4, Isaiah 56:10-11, Romans 1:21-22

Woe to those who hide their plans from the Lord, they say; who sees us? Can the pot say to the Potter ‘He knows nothing’?   Romans 9:21, Isaiah 58:1-4                                

In a very short time, the Land will be made prosperous again. On that Day, the deaf will hear and the blind will see and the lowly and poor will exult in the Holy One of Israel. The ruthless and evil will disappear, all who practise falsehood will be cut down. Isaiah 66:16-18, Isaiah 2:6-22, Micah 5:10-15

Therefore, these are the words of the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, about the House of Jacob: [all 12 tribes of Israel] This is no time for you to be ashamed, no time to be frightened, for his descendants will praise My Name, when they see what I have done for them. They will stand in awe of the Holy God of Israel.

Righteous Israel, gathered in the Land, ”in a very short time” after the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath. Ezekiel 20: 34-38, Isaiah 11:11-12, Obadiah 19-21, Zech. 10:8-10

THEN, the confused will gain understanding and the obstinate will accept instruction.   Deuteronomy 33:3                     Reference: REB, NIV. Some verses abridged