Electro-Magnetic Pulse


…..this is something you all should know about:  Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)

EMP’s result from either a nuclear explosion, sun spot activity, or such devices as pulsed radar, capacitor discharge, etc. The resulting, rapidly changing magnetic fields produce damaging electrical voltage surges. These pulses induce extreme currents in supply lines and cables, thus melting or exploding components such as transformers and destroying the insulation around the lines. Any appliances plugged in to the supply can be irreparably damaged and surge protectors of the general use type, aren’t good enough to protect against the extreme surge of an EMP.

It’s difficult to imagine the full extent of a virtually total loss of the electricity supply. City life will become untenable. Millions will flee to rural areas. Polls show that 70% of Americans will starve after one month without electric power.

The EMP Commission of the USA was established in 2001, to evaluate the threat and effect of an EMP attack on America. A report was tabled in Congress in 2008. They found that the technology for EMP weapons was well known by all the world powers and also countries like Nth Korea, Israel, Iran, Cuba, etc.

At present there is practically no protection of the civilian power grid and infrastructure. The military do have protection over most of their equipment, but with a Super EMP- nuclear weapon, specially designed to maximise the pulse, this will be inadequate.

The result of a single Super EMP exploding 400km above Kansas would mostly destroy the entire electrical system of the USA, Southern Canada and Northern Mexico.  Any satellite in the vicinity will be disabled. Those people with heart pacemakers will die. The entire communications system will be destroyed. It is estimated that it could take from 7 to 10 years to rebuild power and telephone systems.

The reference for most of the above is Wikipedia. I suggest you look at it for more detailed information.

Solar EMP’s:  The sun, our life giver, has an 11 year cycle of sun spot activity.  Solar cycle 24 occurred in 2014/13 and now there is decreased sun spot activity. This does not mean that the Lord can’t instigate the Coronal Mass Ejection at any time, that will literally fulfil all the graphic prophesies about His Day of wrath.

 In the past, sun spots have emitted powerful EMP’s and have caused serious disruption to electric and telephone systems. The most vulnerable is the cell phone network.

That is not all that the earth will have to worry about. This coming Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, will result in a dust and ash cloud that will likely circle around the planet. Weather will be severely affected and a possible “ash cloud winter” may result.

But the beautiful prophecy of Isaiah 60:1-2 says …though darkness covers the earth, over you My Light will shine…  Amazing!