Destroyed at the Moment of Attack

Doom is fast approaching   The 2000 year Church age is nearly over.

Deuteronomy 32:34-35 & 43 I have sealed up in My storehouses, punishments against My enemies, till the Day of vengeance and wrath, at the moment their foot slips. For the Day of their downfall is near, their doom is fast approaching. Y’hovah will punish those who hate Him and cleanse His peoples Land.

Isaiah 2:21 On that Day, the Lord will arise and strike the world with terror.

Isaiah 13:1-8 My troops, eager for victory, with the weapons of the Lord’s wrath.

Jeremiah 4:20 Crash follow crash, for the whole land goes down in ruin. Suddenly my tents are thrown down, my coverings in an instant.

Isaiah 66:6 The noise and distress that you hear, is the Lord dealing retribution to His foes.

Psalm 110:1-6 In glorious majesty He judges the nations, shattering heads throughout the wide earth.

Judgement of fire    A coronal mass ejection from the sun will strike the earth:

Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace, all arrogant evildoers will be as stubble, they will be destroyed in a fiery blaze.

Isaiah 29:5-6 Suddenly, in an instant, punishment will come, storms, earthquakes and a flame of devouring fire.

Isaiah 66:16 The Lord will judge with fire and sword, many will be slain by Him.

Ezekiel 21:28 A sword of slaughter will flash like lightening.

Isaiah 10:17-19 Sudden destruction. As sudden as someone falling in a fit.

Psalm 21:8-9 Your hand will reach all Your enemies, all who hate You. In Your anger, You will engulf them as in a fiery furnace and fire will consume them.

Ezekiel 20:47-48 Say to the Land: I am about to kindle a fire in you, it will consume all flammable material, its fiery flame cannot be put out and everyone will be scorched by it.                                            

Destroyed at the moment of attack

Amos 5:9 He makes destruction flash forth against the mighty.

Psalm 140:9 When those who beset me raise their heads, may their conspiracies engulf them.

Habakkuk 3:14 You pierce their leaders with Your arrows, they are swept away by a whirlwind as they open their jaws to secretly devour their victims.

Psalm 37:12-15 The wicked have drawn their swords and strung their bows, to slaughter the righteous. Their weapons will cut their own hearts and their bows will be shattered.

Psalm 7:12-16 The enemy prepares to attack, he has conceived mischief and given birth to lies. He has dug a deep pit, but he himself will fall into it.

Psalm 9:15-17 The wicked are trapped in their own devices. The wicked depart to Sheol, all the nations who are heedless of the Lord.            Ref: REB. Verses abridged

The scenario:

Nuclear tipped missiles are prepared for launching. At the moment the firing button is pressed, a massive CME strikes the area. The highly charged particles cause the bombs and the missiles to explode on the ground.