Coronal Mass Ejection

     Coronal Mass Ejection – C.M.E.

A C.M.E. is an explosion on the sun’s surface, which is the same as a sunspots or solar flares, but are much larger and are an event that can affect the earth quite dramatically. C.M.E.s can release huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiation into space. This material is a plasma, consisting primarily of electrons and protons, but also some heavier elements. When you consider that the sun consists of 99.86% of the total amount of matter of the Solar system and the earth could fit into the sun 1,000,000 times, then it’s easy to see how the sun could eject an enormous mass.

C.M.E.s are caused by ‘magnetic reconnection’.- Scientific jargon for a gap opening in the sun’s magnetic field. These events tend to happen in 11 year cycles.

A small C.M.E. hit the earth in 1859, that destroyed telegraph lines. Another smaller one affected the Quebec area of Canada, and shut down the electric grid. Also many cases of health problems were reported.

NASA have sent into space, two satellites on the same orbit track as the earth, but one quarter of the orbital distance away from earth, in both directions. Called STEREO. This allows them to view both sides of the sun, from earths front on view. So, their purpose is to give warning of solar activity, which is actually difficult to detect, looking directly at the sun.

The radiation [light, and shorter waves] can arrive to earth in 8 minutes. Then the main mass takes 40 to 60 hours to hit. It all depends, of course, whether a C.M.E. is aimed at the earth. Really, it must be very bad luck – or God’s purpose- for a direct hit, as there is every other direction for it to go. Isaiah 34:5, Psalms 50:1-3, Jeremiah 30:23-24, Psalms 114:5-6, Isaiah 30:25-30

It is difficult to find much information about the effects of a large C.M.E. This may be because of huge variables involved in such an event.

Some results may be:

1/ Electrical transformers are grounded to earth. Thus, geomagneticaly induced direct current, flowing up the ground wires, causes high temperatures and vaporises the coolants, literally frying the transformer. No more power supply for a looong time.

2/ Satellites facing the sun will be disabled and the plasma wave will drive them to crash to earth.

3/ Telecommunications, internet and radio will be wiped out.

4/ Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

5/ Extreme weather events. Powerful storms.

6/ High temperature and radiation pulses. City and forest fires – anyone caught in the open may be killed. Those with heart pacemakers will die. Temperatures above 50o C will melt bitumen. Roads may catch fire, houses with flat roofs, too.

7/ Most vehicles and transportation will become inoperable.

Isaiah 30:26 The moon will shine as brightly as the sun and the sun will be seven times brighter, like seven days light in one, on the day when the Lord binds up the broken limbs of His people and heals the wounds inflicted on them.

The sun 7 times  brighter [hotter]  Ambient temp. 25o X 7= 175o C. [about 250oF]