Connecting the Dots

      Connecting the end times dots – the first step is to have all the events yet to happen listed. Then, line them up correctly and logically.

1/ Lets work back from the main event, the one that we all agree on – the Return of Jesus in His glory to reign for 1000 years. At that time, Jesus destroys the armies of the Anti Christ, imprisons Satan and then gathers His elect to Him. Matt. 24:31

2/ Before the Return, the AC [Satan] is allowed power over ‘the Holy ones of the Most High’, Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:7, for 3½ years. This is also the period of the Great Tribulation. Matthew 24:21, Revelation 13:5

3/ The AC comes to Jerusalem and takes control of the new nation of Beulah. Zechariah 14:1-2, Daniel 7:25. The Holy people are tested by this difficult time. Daniel 11:32-34, Revelation 13:10, Matthew 24:22.

4/ Zechariah 14:1-2 also describes this time and says that half of the population will be taken to a place of safety. Who are the ‘Holy ones’ and who is ‘taken to a place of safety’?  Revelation 12:6 & 14. The ‘Woman’, who gave birth to the Ruler [Jesus] is looked after in safety for 1260 days. The Holy ones, are those Christians kept faithful, the others must face further testing and refinement. Revelation 12:17 Therefore, those in the holy Land at the time of the AC, are all the Lord’s people. [Not the State of Israel who are 48% atheists and 20% Muslim, etc, as at present.]

5/ Just before Zechariah 14, is Zechariah 13:7-9…throughout the Land 2/3 will die, the remaining 1/3 will be refined by fire and the remnant will acknowledge God and Jesus. This is the fire judgement of the Middle East, as prophesied: Ezekiel 30:1-5, Zephaniah 2:4-5, Ezekiel 5:1-3, Isaiah 33:14, Deuteronomy 32:41-43.

But, there are some dots missing between 4 & 5, because there is only a remnant left in the Land after the fulfilment of Psalm 83, Ezekiel 20:45-48, Isaiah 33:14, etc. The Land of Greater Israel must be repopulated, for there to be the Lord’s righteous people living there before the Return.  So, the line of dots as I see it is;

A/ This next Mid East event, which clears the entire region, excepting for a small number of Jews in Jerusalem. Jer. 12:14, Eze. 21:1-7, Eze. 14:21-23, Zech. 12:11-14.

B/ The Land is regenerated. Isaiah 32:15-20, Isaiah 43:19-21, Ezekiel 36:8-12.

C/ The descendants of Abraham [now people from every tribe, nation and language] are gathered- Isaiah 11:11-12, Jeremiah 16:14-16, Micah 2:12, judged- Eze. 34:20, Eze. 20:34-36, and settled in Israel. Deut 15:18-21, Eze. 39:25-29, Micah 7:11-12. Plus  many other prophecies.

D/They select leaders. Jeremiah 3:15, Jeremiah 30:21, Hosea 1:11

E/ They live in peace and prosperity for several years. Isaiah 51:3, Psalms 107:35-38.

F/ They rebuild the Temple. Zechariah 8:9-15, Zechariah 6:15, Ezekiel 43:12.

G/ A huge army from the North advances to attack. Ezekiel 38:8-12

H/ That army [Gog from Magog] is totally destroyed. Ezekiel 38:21-23, Joel 2:20.

I/ God reveals His glory and His people acknowledge their Redeemer. Ezekiel 39:21-24.

J/ ‘Many‘ of the people agree to a peace treaty with the Leader of the One world government. Daniel 9:27a. Daniel 11:32 By plausible promises, he will win over those who are ready to violate their Covenant [with God]….some will remain faithful…….

K/ This 7 year treaty is broken at the mid point, commencing the Tribulation. Dan 9:27b

L/ Exactly 1260 days later, Jesus Returns and commences His reign. Daniel 12:7.

There are more details and the timing is not clear, but this seems to be the basic end times prophetic sequence.