Come near you People and Listen

Isaiah 34:1-8 Approach you nations and listen, let all the earth attend to this warning.    For the Lord’s anger is against all the nations, His wrath and fury is against all their armed forces, they are given over to slaughter and destruction. Their slain will be thrown out, they will stink and their blood will cover the hills.

           [On that Day….] The sky will roll up like a scroll, the heavens will crumble into nothing and their starry host shall fall down, like ripe fruit from a fig tree.

 For My sword is prepared in heaven, it descends in judgement upon Edom, on those doomed for destruction. The Lord has a sword bathed in blood, ready to descend on the sheepfold and upon all ungodly nations. For there will be a Day of vengeance, a time of retribution to uphold the cause of His people. Deuteronomy 32:22 & 34-35, Psalm 18:7-15, Romans 1:18

Psalm 46:8-9 Come, see what the Lord has done, the astounding deeds He has performed on earth. In every part of the world, He puts an end to war, He breaks the bow, He snaps the spear and burns the shields in the fire. Eze. 7:14

Psalm 76:3 He has broken the flashing arrows and all weapons of war. [flashing arrows – a military metaphor for a nuclear weapon. All will be destroyed or neutralised.]

Although these prophecies have usually been thought to happen at the Return of Jesus, the description of the sky rolling up like a scroll, matches exactly with the Sixth Seal: Revelation 6:12-17 & 2 Peter 3:7 & 10, a Day of worldwide disaster that will occur years before the Return.  That judgement/punishment is the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, the multi prophesied fire judgement. It is what we now expect very soon, as the fulfilment of Psalm 83 & Micah 4:11-12.  As actual stars are many millions of miles away, perhaps the starry host referred to are meteorites or our satellites.

Nat. Geo. Oct 1990, p96: ‘The 1989 solar flare pushed satellites into lower orbits’.

Isaiah 35:3-4 Hold yourself upright and be strong, fear not, for your God comes to save you with His vengeance and retribution.  Job 22:30, Psalms 23:4, Psalms 118:14, Prov. 3:25-26, Jer. 30:7, Ezekiel 20:34, Nahum 1:7, 1 Thess. 5:4-11, Rev 7:13-17

Isaiah 30:27-28 See the Lord comes from afar, His anger blazing and His doom heavy. Like a devouring fire, He sieves the nations for destruction. The sun will shine seven times brighter, on that Day, when He saves and heals His people.  Jer. 3:22

Isaiah 63:1-6 Who is this, coming from Edom, [the ungodly nations] from Bozrah, [the sheepfold, the countries of the Israelites in dispersion.] with His garments splashed in blood? I trampled the winepress of the nations in My fury, for I had resolved on a Day of vengeance and the time for redeeming My own had come.  Daniel 12:1, Joel 3:13, Matthew 3:10-12, Acts 2:19-21, Rev. 14:17-20

Revelation 7:1-9 After that, [the Sixth Seal judgement] I saw angels holding back any further punishments until the mark of God was set upon the foreheads of His servants…from every nation and language.   Ref: REB, NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged.

We can see from the verses above, the terrible fire judgement is a CME sunstrike, that the Lord will use to punish His enemies and destroy their military power; is followed by the redemption and deliverance of His Christian people. They will be gathered and resettled into all of the holy Land. The Lord will ‘pour His spirit upon them’ and make a new Covenant with them. There they will live as God originally intended, being a ‘light to the nations’ and sending out 144,000 missionaries to proclaim the coming Kingdom of Jesus.  Isaiah 66:19,  Isaiah 49:6, Luke 10:1-12 –[72 + 72= 144]