Britain and the Middle East

In recent history, we learn of the Balfour Declaration that prepared the way for the establishment of the State of Israel and then Britain administered the mandated territory of Palestine until independence was declared in May 1948.

But what is not generally known is the British connections to that area in the BCE era and early CE. It was not uncommon for people from the Mediterranean area to visit Britain. Some Romans sent their children there for their education. There was an extensive mining industry for iron, copper, lead, tin, and silver, centred in Cornwall. Also fruit, grains and livestock were exported to Rome and elsewhere. This trading intercourse naturally resulted in family connections and documents held in the College of Arms and the British Museum confirm the relationship between the British Royal family and Jesus of Nazareth.

Ann, the mother of the Virgin Mary was British, she came from Cornwall, she married three times: by her first husband, Joachim, she had Mary, then with Cleopas she had James, Simon, Jude, and Joseph Barsaba. Her third husband, Salome; resulted in John and James the Apostles. Ann’s sister, Bianca married a Jacob, their son was Joseph: who married Mary, therefore they were cousins. Their daughter; Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

To go back to the earlier history of Israel in Britain, their settlement occurred in many stages, starting soon after the Exodus from Egypt with some from the tribe of Dan going first to Ireland. After the Assyrian’s took the Northern tribes away, they made their way across Europe to the British Isles, in groups such as the Gauls, Celts, refugees from Tyre, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Franks, etc. Their waymarks, dolmens are seen across Europe. Jeremiah 31:21

After the Babylonian conquest of Judah, Jeremiah went to Egypt, then to Ireland with his scribe, Baruch and the two daughters of King Zedekiah. Princess Tea Tephi a descendant of Perez,  Ezekiel 17:22, married Herremon: of the Zerah line, the king of Hibernia. [Hebrews land] This union brought about the rejoining of the Perez and Zerah lines of the Royal House of Judah. Ann traces her ancestry back to them.

It seems quite probable that Jesus spent His earlier life in Britain, historical tradition actually has this view.  His legal father may have died when Jesus was about 12, soon after the incident in the temple.  Joseph of Aramathea was related to the holy family, he may have been Mary’s uncle and he was their kinsman protector.  Because he had mining interests in Britain, with his base at Glastonbury, it is logical that they all moved there for safety.  It becomes obvious that the holy family returned to Judea just before Jesus commenced His ministry, because He wasn’t known locally, as we see by the way He called His disciples and He had to pay the visitors tax. Matthew 17:24-27

The Apostles were told to be witnesses to the Gospel…to the uttermost parts of the world and to take it to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’.  The British Isles was the farthest they could go to the North and West and that was where some of the Ten tribes had settled. Ephraim and Manasseh in Britain; [British= Hebrew: Covenant people] and Asher in Scotland. [Scotia, the other daughter of Zedikiah] There are many historical records that confirm Britain as being the first country to receive the Gospel.  Christianity was introduced into Britain by Joseph of Aramathea circa 36-39AD, followed by Aristobulus; the first Bishop to the Britons, then by St Paul. In Romans Paul sends greetings to his friends and relations. Romans 16:7 & 21 mentions several kinsmen of Paul, we don’t know how they were related, but verse 13 says Rufus has the same mother as Paul – that is they were brothers or half-brothers.  This Rufus Pudens was married to Princess Claudia, [who changed her name from Gladys] the daughter of Caractacus the British King. So Paul had highly placed contacts and was well received there.

 This has had the result of the Christianisation of much of the Western world and the missionary efforts everywhere. All according to God’s Plan, and now we await the unfolding of the end time events, with all the great blessings He promises to His Christian peoples.                                                                  h