Book of Zephaniah

The name Zephaniah means – God waits to reveal hidden things.

The Book of Zephaniah, the great end times story:

Keep silent before the Lord, for the Day of the Lord is near, He has prepared a sacrifice and set apart those He has invited.

The Great Day of the Lord is near and coming fast, no runner is as swift as that Day, no warrior so fleet. That Day will be a Day of God’s wrath, a Day of anguish and torment, a Day of destruction and devastation, a Day of cloud and darkness, of trumpet calls and distress of the peoples. Because of their sins, their blood will be poured out and their bowels spilled like dung. Their rich possessions will not avail to save them from the fire of the Lord’s wrath, for He will make a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the holy Land.

On the Day of the Lord’s sacrifice, He will stretch His hand over Judah, [the State of Israel] and over all who live in Jerusalem. He will wipe out from that Land all traces of idol worship, all those who have turned their backs to Him and have neither sought the Lord nor acknowledged Him. The Lord will punish their leaders and rabbis, all those who are ruined by complacency and all who commit crimes of violence and fraud. There will be a great noise as the Land is devastated, even the birds and fish will be gone and the whole earth will be affected by the fire of His judgement.

Humble yourselves, you shameful nation before you disappear like burning chaff, before the burning anger of the Lord comes upon you. Seek the Lord all you dwellers in the Land, seek righteousness, seek humility and it may be that you will find shelter on the Day of the Lord’s wrath.

Gaza and all the cities of the Palestinians will be deserted and become a waste, at noon day, they will all be laid in ruins, bereft of inhabitants. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Arabia will become like Sodom, a deserted wasteland and those of My people who survive – the remnant of My nation, will take over those lands. [Of all the 12 tribes of Israel, plus those grafted in.] You Cushites too, [African peoples] will be slain by the Lord. This will be a retribution for their arrogance, for they have insulted the Lord’s people and encroached on their Land. The Lord will bring terror upon them and will discredit their religion. [Islam]Then the people of the coast and islands, [the Western nations] will worship the Lord, each in their own country.

Woe to Judah, they heeded no warning, took no rebuke to heart and never put their trust in the Lord. Her leaders are like roaring lions, her rabbis have falsified the Law, but the Lord in their midst dispenses justice to them. Twice now, [using Babylon and Rome, the third ‘swing of the sword’ to come; Ezekiel 21:14] He has destroyed their cities and exiled them, so He thought: surely now they will fear Me and take My instruction to heart. But they have hastened all the more to do evil and go their own sinful way.

Therefore wait for the Day when the Lord stands up and accuses them! He will pour His fiery wrath upon them and the earth will be enveloped by the flames of His wrath. On that Day, the Lord will rid the Land of all the proud and arrogant peoples, only a remnant of poor and lowly people will be left, a righteous people will live there in peace and safety.

Then: be glad all you who trust in the Lord, He has swept away all your foes, the Lord your God will be with you. He will rescue the lost and gather the dispersed and bring them home, they will be envied by all the other peoples of the earth. It is the Lord who will do all this.                                     Revised English Bible;abridged and paraphrased.