Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Blow the Trumpet!  Joel 2:1-2  Yom Teruah, the Day of Trumpets.

Hosea 5:8-15 Blow the trumpet in the Holy Land! Raise the battle cry over the Land. Benjamin will lead the way.    [Benjamin, now part of the House of Judah]

On the Day of Reckoning and punishment Ephraim will be laid waste, this is the certain doom the Lord has decreed for all of Israel’s tribes. Judah’s rabbis are like those who move boundary stones, therefore He will pour out His wrath upon them like a flood. Jeremiah 8:8, 1 Tim. 1:7Ephraim is an oppressor trampling on justice, obstinately pursuing what is worthless. So the Lord will be as a festering boil to Ephraim and like rot to the people of Judah. When Ephraim realized his sickness and Judah found his sores, they turned for help to earthly powers, but they had no cure for them.   Jeremiah 13:25

The Lord will be like a lion against Ephraim and as a fierce lion to Judah, He will maul His prey and go, Jeremiah 4:7-9 leaving them with no hope of rescue. He will return to His dwelling place until they admit their guilt and in remorse they seek their God. In their misery and pain, they will acknowledge their offences and pray for the Lord to heal them.  Isaiah 57:15-19, Psalms 41, Jer. 33:6-8, Hosea 14

This is the amazing story of what will happen very soon. How the Lord will instigate His Day of Reckoning and punishment, His terrible judgement of fire that will virtually wipe out the Middle East and affect all the world. We read the prophesies such as Psalm 83, how on that Day, He will destroy His enemies, but this passage in Hosea tells us that His people, will also face judgement. Their lands will be ‘laid waste,’ but in Jeremiah 30:7 How awful is that Day, when has been the like? A time of anguish for Jacob, [now the Western nations] yet he will come through it safely.         Zechariah 9:14-17

The Lord ‘will maul His prey and go back to His dwelling place’, this is undeniable proof that this terrible Day of wrath: the Sixth Seal, is separate from and years before the glorious Return.

Jeremiah 50:3-5 A great horde [a fiery mass] will fall upon the Middle East, [Joel 2:1-11, Ezekiel 30:1-5] making all the holy Land a desolate waste, with no one living there; man and beast will all be gone. In those days and at that time, the people of Israel, [the ten Northern tribes] and the people of Judah, [the Jews] will come together and with remorse  and tears go in search of the Lord their God. They will seek the way to the holy Land, looking toward Jerusalem and saying: Come, let us join ourselves to the Lord in an everlasting Covenant that will never be forgotten Hebrews 8:8-13, Jeremiah 31:8-9, Deut. 4:27-31, Ezekiel 37:1-28

Jeremiah 51:50 You who escape the terrible Day of the Lord’s wrath; Go do not linger. Remember the Lord from afar and let Jerusalem come into your minds.

Isaiah 12:1-6 On that Day, you will say: Praise God, my Deliverer… Let this be known in all the world – the Holy One of Israel has Redeemed His people and will be among them. Isaiah 24:23, 2 Thess. 1:10         Ref: REB, NIV, KJV. Paraphrased

The Shekinah glory of God will return to the new Temple, in the same manner as in Solomon’s Temple. Ezekiel 43:4 But when the Anti-Christ conquers Beulah and places his image in the Temple, the Lord will depart along with His holy ones, Daniel 11:32, Rev. 12:14, for the 1260 day period of the great Tribulation. They will live in a place far out of reach of the ‘serpent’ until the Return of Jesus for His Millennial reign. Matthew 24:30-31