As Bible Prophecy does say….

As Bible prophecy does tell us that a Coronal Mass Ejection, an explosion of the sun’s surface is what the Lord will use on His Day of wrath, Isaiah 30:26a, Psalms 50:1-2, Malachi 4:1, +, we should know what a CME is and what it can do.
Briefly: On the Appointed Day, Isaiah 10:17, the sun will explode out a huge, earth directed mass of superheated hydrogen plasma. The initial super bright flash and the Electro- Magnetic Pulse will arrive here within 8 minutes, causing armed nuke weapons to explode, Jeremiah 49:35, and all electrical systems will be destroyed. The EMP microwave effect will also cause tectonic plate movement, Deuteronomy 32:22 – severe worldwide earthquakes.
The sun will be darkened by being obscured by the approaching mass and the moon will shine bright red from the reflection of the sun being seven times brighter.
24 hours after the explosion, the main mass will strike the earth, directly onto the Middle East, Zephaniah 2:4, wiping out the entire population, excepting a small remnant in Jerusalem. Isaiah 29:4, Jeremiah 10:18, Psalms 97:3-5, Zephaniah 1:14-18;+   [God’s perfect solution to the ME crisis]
But as the earth is rotating and moving at 66,000mph on its orbital track, it quickly moves away and the rest of the world won’t be so badly affected. The survivor’s will form a One World Government, but we Christians will gather and live in all of the holy Land. Ezekiel 34:11-31, Psalms 107, Isaiah 35:1-10

The great Day of the Lord’s wrath; the Sixth Seal, will come upon everyone the whole world over. Luke 21:34-35 Proved by how Revelation 6:15 covers every person. Isaiah 24:1-2, Zephaniah 3:8, 2 Peter 3:7
No one will be taken away before this great test of our faith, 1 Peter 4:12, we will all see the cosmic effects and experience the devastation of that Day. Jeremiah 25:29-33
There are some signs to happen before that Day, we should know about. The ‘sign of the fig tree budding’, has occurred with the Jews establishing their own State in a part of the holy Land. Jesus said: the generation that see’s this, will live to see it all. Matthew 24:32-34, Ezekiel 12:25
Another prophecy that requires fulfilment before that Day, is Isaiah 3:1-7 and it may be that Micah 5:1 will precede it.

Isaiah 3:1-7 is specifically about Judah and Jerusalem. It says that they will lose their good leaders and the Lord will appoint incompetent youths to govern.
This prophecy has not been fulfilled as Written, so must belong to the present day. Judah is a nation, they control Jerusalem and they have a strong and experienced leader in Benyamin Netanyahu. If anything happened to him, they would be in disarray.
Micah 5:1, is an interesting verse without any context to help explain it, says how Israel’s ruler will be struck on the cheek with a rod. A ‘rod’ is a slang term for a rifle and today it is possible for a sniper to accurately hit people at ranges of up to 2 miles.

The world is plainly, as in the days of Noah, as they and now we; think is normal life. BUT they and now the modern world, have sidelined their Creator. People say ‘there is no God’ and the bulk of humans, just ignore the One true God and worship materialism, idols or false gods. God will correct the situation; He did so before and He will do it again!
Isaiah 3:8-26, goes on to tell how rebel Judah will be brought low; the look on their faces testifies against them! Amazing prophecy, that perfectly fits the arrogant, LGBT and ‘stiff necked’ people who live in Israel now.
The Lord says: on that Day, I will take away your pride, instead of perfume there will be the stink of decay…..your men will fall by the Sword of the Lord and Zion will be stripped bare.             Wait for the Day!