An Oracle for Our Times


Ecclesiasticus 48:24-25  Isaiah reveals what is to be, secrets of things to come.

Modern place names from Strongs Concordance;  Elam, Media = Iran. Aram = Syria. Kir = A district in Assyria- Iraq?  Judah = the Jews, the present inhabitants of Israel.

Isaiah 21:1  A whirlwind sweeps through the Negev, from the wilderness, a land of terror.

 A CME sunstrike hits the Middle East region, with devastating consequences.  Ezekiel 20:47-48

Isaiah 21:2 In my vision, I see a traitor betrayed. Advance Elam, up Media, to the siege. Perhaps an Israeli traitor gives information to Iran. The Iranian leadership commence to attack

Isaiah 21:3-5 I am in pain, trembling in fear.  Night has become a horror to me.

The princes and leaders sit down to a banquet. Rise and polish your shields.

 You are unprepared, life as normal. Get up! Prepare for war!

Isaiah21:6-7 Go, post a lookout. If he sees columns of horsemen, donkeys and camels advancing, he must be fully alert. 

 Keep watch- if your enemies combine, that is, form alliances, then look out!  Psalm 83:1-8

Isaiah 21:8-9 Day and night, I watch- they come – a voice calls ”fallen is Babylon, her Gods are shattered”   Israel and most of the Middle East are devastated.

Isaiah 21:10 O My people, crushed on the threshing floor. From the God of Israel, I have told you.  The House of Judah, judged and punished as decreed by God.

Isaiah 22:1 Tell me, what is amiss with you? Why have you climbed up onto the roof?  Why do you worryrun out of your houses? 

Isaiah 22:2 Your city is in an uproar, your slain did not fall by the sword in battle.  Everyone is terrified. Those killed were by the heat flash and fires.

Isaiah 22:3 All your commanders have fled, bravest soldiers gone in all directions. 

                 The army has deserted

Isaiah 22:4 That is why I said, leave Me to weep in misery. Do not console Me for the ruin of My people.  The House of Judah, in their judgement and punishment. Jer 8:5-12, Isa 4:3-4, Zechariah 13:7-9

Isaiah 22:5 For the Lord has ordained a day of tumult, a day of turmoil in the valleys and mountains. The day of the Lords vengeance against the Middle East is set.

Isaiah 22:6 Elam took up the quiver, the chariots of Aram were readied, Kir bared the shield.  Iran and their allies attack. A quiver is an arrow holder. An arrow is USA military code for a nuclear weapon.

Isaiah 22:7 Your fairest valleys were overrun by chariots, your cities beset by horsemen. Severe damage to all the Land. Joel 1:15-20

Isaiah 22:8 The heart of Judah’s defence was laid open. Israel’s defence system is destroyed

Isaiah 22:8-11  On that day…. Desperate measures are taken to fight the fires.

Isaiah 22:11  You did not look to the Maker of the city, or consider Him who fashioned it long ago.  The Israelis refuse to acknowledge Gods Hand in their affairs or call for His help.

Isaiah 22:12 On that day, the Lord called for weeping and mourning. Judah should repent in sincerity and call on the Lord.

Isaiah 22:13  Instead there was joy and merrymaking, feasting and dancing. You said ‘let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”

Isaiah 22: 14 Here are words revealed by the Lord of Hosts – Assuredly your wickedness will never be wiped out, you will die for it. Zephaniah 1:4-6, Jeremiah 13:19.