Americas Israelite Heritage

The USA is a melting pot, is a very benevolent country and has at its core the Israelite heritage of the Ten Commandments and democratic governance.

Its power base is approximately in this order, with their tribal identity;

 The descendants of England- Joseph, that is Manasseh and Ephraim.

The descendants of Scotland – Simeon, Levi and Asher. 

The descendants of Judah [Jews] Judah, Benjamin, Levi.

The descendants of Ireland – Dan.

The descendants of Ulster [Northern Ireland] Simeon, Dan, Levi, Ephraim.

The descendants of Holland – Zebulon

The descendants of France – Reuben

The descendants of Scandinavia – Gad

The descendants of Switzerland –Issachar

The general power core of the USA remains Anglo-Saxon and is of the Joseph line.  There are more Jews in the USA than in Israel, more Irish than in Ireland, about the same number of Scandinavians as there are in their original countries. Many Germans have emigrated, mostly to get away from war. They are loyal and downplay their ancestry. At the outbreak of the Civil war, the Germans in St Louis seized the Federal arsenal, keeping it out of Southern hands, greatly helping the North. They have now merged completely with the general population. As these people left Germany, it was remarked that they were a different type of people than those who remained.

There are many other people groups in the USA, but they have usually blended in with the Anglo-Saxon core of the country. It can surely be said that America received the blessing of Manasseh – Genesis 48:19 and both the UK and the USA have the blessing of Joseph. Genesis 49:22-26               Ref. Jack Herzog r