All Israel’s Descendants will be Victorious

Isaiah 45 is a dual prophecy, as it foretells the return of the Jewish remnant from Babylon as approved by King Cyrus in 515BC. But most of this prophecy was not fulfilled at that time, it awaits the great final regathering of all the twelve tribes of Israel.

Isaiah 45:9-12 & 19  Can the pot contend with the potter? Will the clay ask the potter: What are you making? Or question his competence? Could an embryo ask his parents: What are you begetting? Would you dare question Me regarding My handiwork, or concerning My people? I alone created the earth and made mankind upon it. I did not speak in secret, I do not say to Jacob’s peoples: Look for Me in the dark places. I, the Lord speak what is right, declare what is just and foretell what will take place.

Isaiah 45:14-17 The Lord says: Workers from many nations will bear tribute and come in submission to My people, Israel. They will follow them and say: Surely God is with you and there are no other gods. At this time, You are a God who hides Himself, but soon Israel will be redeemed and all the idol worshippers will be shocked and shamed, they will perish in confusion. On that Day, Israel’s deliverance is assured for all time to come, they will never again be upset, never put to shame.

Isaiah 45:20-25 & 8 Gather together, come draw near, you survivors of the nations, who in your foolish ignorance pay reverence to false idols. From every corner of the earth, turn to Me and be saved, for I am the only true God, victory and salvation come from Me. To Me, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that the Lord is God of all. All who defy Me will be defeated, but all Israel’s descendants will be victorious and will glory in the Lord. 

              Rain righteousness, you heavens, let the earth open for it, that salvation may flourish with righteousness beside it.   Ref: REB. Condensed.

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