Alas for the Proud

Isaiah 28:1 & 3-4 Alas for the proud peoples of Ephraim, those fading flowers, drunk with prosperity. They will fall like ripe fruit and be trampled down. Hab. 3:12

Ephraim represents the British peoples, Genesis 48:17-19, with their faded empire, but still a proud and prosperous commonwealth of nations.  Deuteronomy 33:17

Isaiah 28:2 & 5-6 The Lord has control of a powerful force, [Deuteronomy 32:22] He HHHH    H    Hit will beat down violently upon the earth, as a sweeping storm and a destroying tempest. On that Day, the Lord will be an adornment for the remnant of His people and will give a spirit of justice to those who judge and of valour to those who stand fast at the gate.

This passage is paralleled by Isaiah 30:25b-30…On the Day of massacre, when fortresses fall, the sun will shine seven times stronger, like seven days in one. On that Day, the Lord will protect and save His people. See: the Lord comes from afar, His anger blazing and His doom heavy, as His arm descends in devastating fire. He sieves out the nations for destruction. But for My people, there will be songs and gladness of heart as they march to the mountains of Israel.

The Lords Day of vengeance and wrath by a CME sunstrike is the next prophesied event. Psalms 11:4-6 and Habakkuk 3:4 describe accurately how the Lord will not be seen and this terrible judgement will be thought of as a natural event, so secular people can still choose whether they will honour God, or deny Him.  Isaiah 66:15-16, Isaiah 6:10

All those faithful Christians who have stood firm in their trust in God’s protection and who called out to Him during that Day of worldwide devastation, Joel 3:32, Acts 2:21, will be saved and will be shown the way to the cleansed and regenerated holy Land. Psalms 107, Isaiah 35:1-10, Isaiah 66:18-21, Jeremiah 31:1-40, Ezekiel 36:8-38

Isaiah 28:7-8 These people also have lost their way and wander down strange paths, they are befuddled as with strong drink, they stumble in the Law. Both priests and prophets are incoherent, sickness and filth are everywhere. Isaiah 56:9-12

Today, all Israel, now the Christian peoples and Judah have gone astray, the rabbi’s and priests are incompetent and fail to teach all the truths as given to us in the Bible.

Isaiah 28:9-13 Who is there that can be taught, who makes sense of what they hear? People are like children, newly weaned, for the Word is precept upon precept, a little here, a little there. So now, with a foreign tongue, the Lord will address this people, a people that would not listen, a people to whom He once said: This is true rest, your place of repose. Therefore to them the Word has become meaningless, mere noise to them and they fall and are injured.

                      Ref: REB, NIV, KJV. Abridged.

People today have difficulty clearly discerning the Prophetic Word. One day, with a foreign tongue, that is: not in Hebrew, the Lord will speak to His people: all who acknowledge Him and keep the Commandments. All the true Christians, who will pay heed, not like those peoples who did not listen and obey their God, so long ago. Zephaniah 3:9   Note: this happens AFTER Zephaniah 3:8, the terrible Day of wrath.

But those who do not make an effort to study the prophesies and understand the truth of God’s plan for our future, will be taken unawares and may experience some disadvantage.