A Voice will say: This is the Way

       A voice will say; ‘This is the Way, follow it”.

Isaiah 30:1-14 The Lord says; woe to Israel, a race of rebels who refuse His Laws. They ask for preachers to ‘give us smooth words and illusions’.

Isaiah 30:15-18 These are the words of the Lord; In calm detachment lies your safety, your strength in quiet trust.But you would have none of it, therefore you will be put to flight.

Yet the Lord is waiting to show you His favour and compassion, for He is a God of justice. Happy are all who wait for Him!    Luke 12:37

Isaiah 30:19-24 People of Zion, weep no more. The Lord will answer you when you call for help. He gives you adversity and affliction now, but your teachers will no longer be hidden from you, you will see them with your own eyes. If you stray from the right path, you will hear a voice behind you saying- ‘this is the Way, follow it’. You will loath your images and will treat your idols like filth.  Hosea 14:8 & Ezekiel 11:18

The Lord will give rain and the Land will produce rich crops. Your livestock will prosper.   Isaiah 41:17-19 & Ezekiel 34:14-16

Isaiah 30:25-28 On the Day of slaughter, when fortresses fall, streams of water will flow from every hill. The moon will shine like the sun and sunlight will be seven times brighter on the Day the Lord heals the wounds of His people. Isaiah 63:4

See the Lord Himself comes from afar, with anger and wrath, in dense clouds of smoke. His breath is a rushing torrent, He shakes the nations in a sieve of destruction.   Ezekiel 30:2-5, Habakkuk 3:12, Rev. 6:12-17

Isaiah 30:29-33Then the Lord will make His voice heard in majesty and reveal His arm descending in fierce anger, with devouring flames, thunder and hail. Hebrews 10:27, 2 Peter 3:7

            For at His voice, Assyria’s strength fails, His punishing Rod strikes them down.  A fire pit is prepared by Jerusalem, ready for the Lord to set it ablaze with His breath, like a stream of burning sulphur.   Ezekiel 20:47-48

   But for you there will be songs and gladness of heart as you march to music, on the way to the Mountain of the Lord.  Zechariah 10:10-12, Psalms 68:7-12 Ref, REB some verses abridged

Verse 10 is appropriate for our days, as false religions, prosperity theology, etc. are preached everywhere.  Hosea 4:7-11

Verses 25-28 & 30-33 The Day of Trumpets, Joel 2:1-2, the Lords Day of vengeance, a fire judgement on His enemies, as we are told in verse 26, will be a massive explosion of the sun that will literally fulfil all the prophesies about that Day. 10 days later comes the Day of Atonement and His people are healed and redeemed. Isaiah 51:4-8, Hosea 2:14-23, Ezekiel 37 & 20:34-38

Verse 29 Then they gather into all of the Promised Land. Jeremiah 33:6-14, Psalm 107

Verses 19-24 are for the period after His people, all the faithful Christian Israelites of God, are settled in the Land.    They will have God given leaders and teachers to guide them until Jesus Returns.