A Study of Jeremiah

     A study of Jeremiah 3:14-18

Jeremiah 3:14 Come back, apostate people, says the Lord, for I am patient with you and I shall take you, one from each city and two from each clan and bring you to Zion.

[Not what the Jews experienced, so something still to happen]

Jeremiah 3:15 There I shall give you shepherds after My own heart, they will lead you with knowledge and understanding.

This is not how it is now.

Jeremiah 3:16 In those days, when you have increased and become fruitful in the Land, says the Lord, no one will speak any more of the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, no one will think of it or resort to it, that will be done no more.

[‘when you have increased greatly in the Land’ THEN the Lord Jesus will Return and His glory will supersede that of the Ark, it will then be redundant]

Jeremiah 3:17 At that time Jerusalem will be called the Throne of the Lord and all nations will gather there to honour the Lord’s name; never again will they follow their evil and stubborn hearts.

[This refers to the Millennium period, after Jesus defeats the Antichrist]

Jeremiah 3:18 In those days Judah will be united with Israel and together they will come from a Northern land into the Land I gave their forefathers as their holding.

‘In those days’ the same as verse 16, obviously they have to enter and settle into the Land before they can ‘increase and become fruitful’ Jeremiah 50:4-5

As is typical of a lot of Bible passages, it is possible to read this to suit what you already believe about the end times. If you hold to the view that His people, that is, righteous Israel only come into the Land at the same time as the Return of Jesus, then, you would think the Ark will never be needed again.

However, if they regather and become fruitful in the Land, soon after this next prophetic event, the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath – as seems logical from this passage and many others, then the Ark will have a place in the new Temple. God’s great Plan for the redemption of mankind as told to us in the Bible, has many mysteries and symbols, the Ark is one of them. Perhaps it is needed when the Lord confirms His New Covenant to His people.