A Rod of Iron will Shatter the Nations

Psalms 2:8 & Psalms 110:5-6 I; [God] give You [Jesus] the nations as Your domain, the earth to its furthest ends as Your possession. The Lord at Your right hand, [Jesus] will crush the rulers of the whole earth on the Day of His wrath. In glorious majesty He will judge the nations, breaking them with His rod of iron, shattering them like a clay pot, heaping up the dead around the world.  Habakkuk 3:12, 2 Peter 3:7

This terrible, worldwide judgement/punishment has not happened, as yet. Now we are in the end times and as we approach the time of Jesus’ Return, many prophesied things must take place.  Even now, there is a push toward a New World Order, a global government, but to enable this to be set up, there has to be some kind of disaster, a dramatic change in our current situation, that will induce the nations to give up their sovereignty. What it is that the Lord will use to carry out this sudden and shocking event, has to be something that can be looked upon as a natural disaster, so most survivors can continue in their disbelief of a Creator and give their allegiance to the dictator of this world government. Many prophecies tell us of this forthcoming judgement of the nations, a global disaster of Noahic proportions, this time of fire, earthquakes and storm winds.  Deut. 32:22 & 34-35, Isaiah 66:15-16, Rev. 6:12-17

Haggai 2:6…In a little while from now, I shall shake the heavens and the earth…Hebrews 12:26

“In a little while”, 1000 years equals 1 day to the Lord, so nearly 3 days? Isaiah 42:14-15

Some scriptures of what will happen on that Day:

In Israel [Judah] –

Zephaniah 1:4-18 I shall stretch out My hand over Judah, over all that live in Jerusalem. On the Day of the Lord’s sacrifice, I shall wipe out all traces of idol worship I will punish all those complacent people. All who commit crimes of violence and fraud will fall with a great crash. The great Day of the Lord is near and coming fast – His Day of wrath and distress onto the peoples. Their blood and guts will pour out like dung upon the ground and nothing can save them from the fire of His judgement. He will make a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the holy Land.  Isaiah 22:14, Jeremiah 10:18, Jeremiah 25:30-33, Deuteronomy 32:34-43, Matthew 21:41-43

In other Middle Eastern countries:

Ezekiel 30:2-5 Wail! Alas for the Day, the Day of the Lord is near. A Day of reckoning for the nations. A Day of disaster for Egypt; they will fall by the sword of the Lord’s slaughter. All the Arab nations, the Africans, Libyans and peoples of that area will be killed along with Egypt. Zephaniah 2:12, Isaiah 29:8-12, Amos 1:2-15 & 2:1-5

Isaiah 34:5-8 The sword of the Lord will appear in the sky and descend in judgement upon Edom, onto a people doomed for destruction.  His sword is sated with blood, for on His Day of vengeance, the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah and a slaughter in Edom.  Isaiah 63:1-6, Ezekiel 35:1-15, Jeremiah 49:1-39    

  In Edom, a metaphor for all the ungodly peoples.

 Bozrah, means – glad tidings in Hebrew, but is also the name given to a sheepfold, so it refers to where the Lord’s faithful Christian people live, scattered among the nations.

Acts 2:19 I will show wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth: blood, fire and smoke

This terrible disaster that will strike the earth is not unprecedented. There has been events that have caused mass extinctions and Noah’s Flood destroyed the entire antediluvian world.

The Lord’s Day of wrath, Revelation 6:12-17, will be ‘the Rod of Iron’, as He punishes the nations, Jeremiah 9:25-26, Ezekiel 32:20-32, and our world will never be the same again.

Isaiah 30:15…In calm detachment lies your safety, your strength in quiet trust. Isaiah 51:6

 We who trust the Lord and keep His commandments have the promises of His protection on the Day and then the great prophecies of His people gathering and settling into all of the holy Land will come to pass.  Isaiah 62:1-5, Zechariah 9:14-18