A ‘rapture to heaven’….

A rapture to heaven of the Church is the prevalent belief of the Western Christians today.  This is very unfortunate as when it doesn’t happen, many may lose their faith.
The ‘rapture’ is a belief  based on assumptions, inferences and pure guesswork:

The theory of a ‘rapture to heaven’ of the Church, is not Biblical.
1/ Such an idea is not found in the Bible.
2/ Jesus refutes it five times; John 3:13, John 7:34, John 8:21-23, John 17:15, Revelation 5:10
3/ Unprecedented, why should God remove His people today, when all up until today have been persecuted and martyred.
4/ The prophets have told us what will happen in the end times and how we must endure until the end.
5/ The ongoing dispute of pre, mid, post or anytime rapture, is evidence enough of there being no proper scripture about a ‘rapture’.
6/ Jesus said that we Christians could be deceived. He was right!
7/ Peter said that Satan is prowling around looking who he can devour with his lies and Paul says that people will listen to ‘nice’ stories, turning away from sound teaching.

God has given us the information so we know His Plans for the end times, great Promises of protection and Blessings to His people as they stand firm in their faith thru all that must happen.