A Nation that Bears the Proper Fruit

A nation that bears the proper fruit:   Matthew 21:43

Who are the “legitimate heirs” of God’s promises?  They are people, from every tribe, race, nation and language,  saved by  His power and grace, who will occupy all of the holy Land in the last days.  They are the people of God who will be there when the Anti-Christ briefly takes over the new nation of Beulah:

Daniel 7:25  He will defy the Most High and conquer His holy people….. Zechariah 14:1-2

Revelation 13:7 The Beast was allowed to wage war on God’s people and to defeat them………. Revelation 12:13

 I’m reluctant to refer to them as “Righteous Christians” or the “Israel of God”, because both of these terms “Christians” and “Israel” have become corrupted by too much sin among too many of their respective communities.  Christians can be anyone who enters a church and Israel is usurped by the Jewish State.

Paul doesn’t cite either term in his comments about this matter in Ephesians 2:11-22. He refers to this new unified “body” of “reconciled” individuals, who are either Jews or Gentiles, as “members of the household of God” (vs 19), or as they are identified in other texts as “the people of God” or as the “sons of the Living God”.

Paul makes it clear in several texts that God is bringing together a new group of “righteous” individuals to whom God will give His promised blessings.

Isaiah 51:1-2 Listen to me, all you who keep the Laws of God, all you who seek Him and who follow righteousness.  Remember the quarry you were hewn from, your spiritual origin, Abraham is your father and Sarah gave you birth. When God called him, he was but one, God blessed him and now his righteous seed are many.

  Romans 2:29 The person who belongs to God is not outwardly a Jew, physically circumcised, but one who is spiritually  circumcised of the heart……

One term that could be used to refer to this new body of people, is Nazarenes. That word is used extensively in the Middle east for Christians and it means : the set apart ones or the people dedicated to God.  But God will give them an new name: Isaiah 62:1-5, Beulah, meaning ‘the Lord will delight in you’.

The very many prophesies God has made about His people living in peace and security in all of that area given so long ago to Abraham and his seed, have never been fulfilled.  They will be, God will not forget His Land: Isaiah 49:14-16 it is inscribed onto His hands…. or His righteous people,  Isaiah 65:9 I will give heirs to the Patriarchs, My chosen ones will take possession of the Land and those who serve Me will live there.

THIS is the next great promise we look forward to, fulfilling our destiny of being the people of God and is what we Christians have been chosen and prepared for:

Isaiah 49:8, These are the Words of the Lord: In the time of My favour, I will answer your call, Acts 2:21, and protect you. I formed you and destined you to be a light for the nations, restoring the Land and living in its now desolate areas.

Isaiah 43:10 You are My witnesses, you are My servants chosen by Me. To believe in Me and to know that I am God.

Isaiah 43:19-21 Behold, I shall do new things, they will happen. I will make a way through the desert  and water for My people to drink.   This people I have prepared for Myself and they will proclaim My glory.   Isaiah 35:1-10

Jeremiah 33:10-12 See this Land, it lies in ruins without people or animals. [This is how the entire Middle East will be after the devastation of the Lord’s Day of fiery wrath] Yet in this place will once more be heard to sounds of joy and gladness, of bride and bridegroom, of voices shouting: Praise to the Lord God, for His love endures forever….

Then, all that is prophesied to occur before  the glorious Return of Jesus must happen and it will be the survivors of Beulah who will greet Jesus as He comes for His Millennial reign.