A Jewish Redemption?

A Jewish Redemption

In Romans 11:28-32: it does say some Jewish people will receive God’s mercy, despite their continued rejection of Jesus.
There will be two main criteria for this:
1/ They must be actual members of the House of Judah. Not those who call themselves Jews, but are not.
2/ They must show true repentance and remorse, as Jeremiah 12:14-16 tells us:….. I will have pity on them [Judah] and bring them back to their Land, if they learn the ways of My People, [Christians] and swear allegiance to My Name.

Note; the Jews will be so ashamed of their errors, they will keep very quiet. Ezekiel 16:63

However; the main Christian peoples who will go to live in all of the holy Land after the Lord has cleared and cleansed it, will be descendants of the ten Northern tribes; the House of Israel, joined by every faithful Christian from every race, nation and language.
This will fulfil God’s promise to the Patriarchs, that their descendants will inherit the holy Land.