A Catastrophic Threat

A nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse  attack or a great geomagnetic storm would be a catastrophe unprecedented in scale and scope across the United States and in the case of a huge magnitude Coronal Mass Ejection, the entire planet.

It would collapse the technological and industrial foundations of our modern society, that sustains hundreds of millions of people.

We cannot guess whether terrorists or a rogue State will make an EMP attack, but no doubt this threat exists. But as for a natural EMP event, generated by an explosion of the Suns surface, there is scientific consensus that such an event is inevitable.

Indeed, most people who look into this issue, agree that a CME is overdue and will probably occur in the near future.

NASA estimates in its July 2014 report, that the likelihood of a CME superstorm is 12% per decade. This virtually guarantees that we should experience  one in our lifetime. 

If the 1856 Carrington event happened today, this would be the result:

A high intensity EMP would not only cause a national loss of all electricity supplies and the failure of critical infrastructures, but famine, panic and loss of law and order will kill millions of Americans. The EMP Commission estimates that within 12 months of an EMP event, two thirds of Americans would be dead.

We have had many near misses, in July 2012 one narrowly missed the earth and even the small ones that have affected  us, causing blackouts and damage to electronic systems.     Ref: Electric Armageddon,  Dr. P.V. Fry.

The Bible’s Prophetic Word is the source for reliable information about this forthcoming worldwide disaster. In over 100 prophesies, we are told all we need to know about it.

Be aware and be prepared!